Summer bowling leagues now forming


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Twice a year, Albemarle Lanes puts out “The Book” to begin planning for their upcoming league season.

The arrival of the thin 3-ring binder, filled with pages for each league to sign-up, marks the official beginning of building new teams, strengthening existing teams, and for some, the beginning of league bowling altogether.

The sign-up book is now out on the counter of the local house and the summer leagues are officially taking sign ups. This summer will offer three nights for adults to choose from along with the usual Saturday morning slot for our youth members.

Summer league action will kick off on Monday, May 13, with the Monday Night Trio league. This league is sanctioned through the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and teams may consist of any three USBC members, no matter of gender.

Thursday Night Quartet will also be bowling this season with a start date of May 16. Like Monday Trio, teams have no restrictions; you just need four sanctioned bowlers.

A new offering for this summer is the Tuesday Night 9-pin No Tap Doubles. This league will begin on June 28. This league will not be sanctioned, however; because of the cash prizes being earned, youth bowlers are not eligible.

Youth bowlers will again have their Crazy-8 league on Saturday morning which is sure to produce some outrageous scores. Last year there were about five perfect games bowled on Saturday morning! For the summer youth league, teams may consist of up to four members, and may include one adult member. Youth season will commence at 10:00 on June 8.

Anyone interested in any of these league opportunities should stop by Albemarle Lanes to sign up.

Fellowship League again turned in the top scores from the local scene with Mark Tarkington bagging games of 276 and 269 enroute to a 782 series. Garry Williams’ 266-689 and Lake Krehel’s 239-629 trailed only Tarkington’s clean night of all strikes and spares with no open frames across the three games.

Paul Lacher’s 208-617 and Lindsay Perry’s 236-614 also cracked the 600 code for the Fellowship men.

Fellowship ladies were topped by Kaytee Simpson’s 210-565, along with Brittney Gaumond’s 190-533, Jackie Bradley’s 427 series and Ruth Odell’s 154 game.

There was a virtual logjam at the top of the men’s scores from Martin Luther King League as Rondell Christian (218-610), Denwood Williams (215-609), and Bobby Winslow (234-607) all finished within a few pennies of each other. Lake Krehel and Donald Spencer had the top two games of the night with tallies of 247 and 240 respectively.

Debbie Winslow’s 200-536 paced the MLK ladies, followed closely by Brittney Gaumond’s 177-508 and Sheri Norwood’s 156-459.

Lake Krehel found the pocket frequently enough to pitch a 221-626 last Monday night, followed by Jeremy Beasley’s 228-614, and Will Swinson’s 226-579. Paul Lacher’s 245 earned him top game honors from the week’s first league.

Top ladies’ games last Monday night came from Stephanie Winslow (189), Debbie Winslow (184), and Jill Serik (177) along with Susie Thomas’s 505 series.

Pamela Griffin’s 167-461 was the top performance from Albemarle Rollers as well as the top of both of the all-ladies leagues. Susie Thomas (159-459) and Sylvia Holley (173-411) trailed only Griffin’s series while Patsy Sanders’ 176 game earned her top game honors from last Wednesday evening.

Ocie Manos (172) and Stella Miller (171) earned top games from Thursday morning’s All American Ladies while Debbie Regel (232-670) and Pat Heath (642) had some impressive handicap numbers.

Jacob Davenport continued his recent assault of the pins by leading the youth guys with a sweet 201-510, followed by matching games of 191 from Ben and Bryce Hawkins.

Kaylee Winslow’s 148-385 topped the young ladies followed by Violet Olds’ 140-355 and Elizabeth Scaff’s 125-325. Tristan Hardison’s 109 game topped the bumper kids.

The youth league sent a pair of teams to the state tournament last weekend and both made impressive showings. After the first week of a three week event, the Albemarle Lanes team of Elizabeth Scaff, Aedan Thompson, Kaylee Winslow, and Colby Judge are sitting in fourth place of Division V, while the Brothers Squared team of Bryce Hawkins, Jacob Davenport, Joshua Davenport, and Ben Hawkins are sitting in third place in Division II.

Speaking of Brothers Squared, this event was also their time to earn their donations to Strike Out Cancer as they combined for 44 strikes, led by Ben Hawkins’ 18.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.