When the weather breaks, it's time to fish

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Terry Payne of Chowan River Outfitters in Tunis with a 40 plus pound catfish.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Well the time of year is upon us to step up to the fishing rods and go fishing.

The weather is breaking, the fish are moving and the cabin fever has broken so we need to fish.

I know I need the attitude adjustment as much as the next person so let’s go.

I start with a trip to a local tackle store and pick up a few baits or in my case a lot of new baits.

I always like to support our local tackle stores instead of the big chains so I start there then buy what they don’t have from the other guys.

This act of buying a couple of new baits is enough to get me wanting to fish but the first fish of the year is always a good feeling also.

For some of us we have had a good spring already but I am beginning to see trucks parked on the side of the road with kayaks and jon boats coming out of the beds and more people fishing the small ponds on the side of the road.

This is a great thing to see because the fishing is really picking up with the largemouth on the beds or somewhere shallow to say the least they are within reach for the bank guys not to mention the boat owners.

The life is also beginning to return to the beach with piers opening and fish coming up the shoreline there is lots to see and do.

Just this week I saw a pod of dolphins chasing schools of mullet all the way up the sound to the Wright Memorial Bridge.

This means the sound is quickly following suit for another good year.

So let’s renew our fishing license and our faith in the outdoors and go catch some fish.

I could use a good report and some pictures.

What’s biting, where...

The fishing report for the offshore guys is all about the tuna.

The yellowfin bite is on and there have been not only numbers but quality fish coming back to the docks.

Some boats have limits while other only have seven or eight fish but the size of the fish make it worth the trip out there.

The weather is beginning to improve and it should only get better.

Out of Hatteras they had some nice catches of wahoo on a few days also if tuna don’t suit your fancy you can always head south for a little speed trolling.

On the beaches the water temps have risen to the mid50s which is going to bring the mullet, blow toads and speckled trout bite to the sand and piers.

The point still has a decent drum bite and a terrific shark bite is also on with some quality shark coming to those who are prepared to handle them.

The northern beaches are picking up also with toads and mullet moving farther north every day.

Bob’s Bait and Tackle out of Duck tells me that they have toads all the way up there now so its looks like an early start to the beach season.

Locally the largemouth bite has pretty much dominated the scene with fish up shallow and feeding pretty good.

Quality fish have been caught on most rivers especially on the north side and in the creeks on pegged soft plastics flipped at the shallow wood as well as jigs and square bills.

The ponds are really heating up with fish trolling the banks looking for a post spawn feed while other fish are moving up for the next moon.

The catfish guys are telling me that they are on the bite as well with fish going over 20 pounds not out of the ordinary. Captain Terry of Chowan River Outfitters sent me a pic of a cat over 40 pounds that he caught on a day the wind was blowing 30.

The fishing is about as good as it gets right now and it will only improve in the next few days so get out there and send me some pics like Captain Terry to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.