Handling back pain as a bowler


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Before I begin this week’s column, please allow me to share this disclaimer. I am not a doctor, not even close.

I did consider the profession one time, but quickly awoke from that dream. I do not like going to the doctor, and I don’t even drink Dr. Pepper. That said, any advice shared here, is simply the opinion of myself, or is coming from other articles I may have read at some point.

As a bowler, many of us have dealt with a wide range of minor injuries. Things from blisters, to sore arms, elbows, shoulders, and knees. But for me, the most aggravating soreness I ever tried to bowl through was a sore back. I’ve dealt with all the other mentioned discomforts, but when the pain found its way to my back, I could usually be found somewhere in the fetal position, screaming for my mama!

So, how does a bowler, or anyone else for that matter, deal with a sore back? Most people use the sore back as an excuse to just lie around and do nothing, but according to Heather D'Errico, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, doing nothing is the worst thing to do.

There are numerous causes of back pain and some can be very serious. Things like a herniated disk, kidney stones, or other kidney issues need the attention of a doctor, however; for non-specific lower back pain issues, perhaps two of the best things to combat a sore lower back are squats and deadlifts.

The next thing D’Errico suggest is trying to get to or maintain a healthy weight. Like an expectant mother carrying around her unborn child, others carrying around a few extra pounds in their midsections, can also experience some lower back pain.

Instead of extensive hours of exercise though, D’Errico suggest a simple modification in our diet. Focusing on eating more dark berries, dark greens, avocados, nuts and legumes, and fish and avoiding fried foods, soda, alcohol, and foods high in sugar will not only help with dropping a few pounds, but will also help with inflammation and can assist in reducing pain relieving drugs.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions can help any of our bowlers battling with back soreness or can help in totally avoiding future back issues.

In league action, every once in a while a feat comes along that just makes you scratch your head. Ironically, probably near the bottom of that list is the perfect game. With the invention of the reactive resin bowling ball in the early 1990’s, the number of 300 scores soared across the nation.

An accomplishment not nearly as common anymore is the triplicate score where a bowler rolls matching scores in all three games of a series. Even when a bowler rolls a triplicate, the scores are usually not up to par for that bowler, which made the triplicate scored during the Martin Luther King league last week twice as unusual than a common triplicate.

Lake Krehel, bowling on lanes 3 and 4, rolled matching game of 223 to not only claim the top scratch series from MLK, but also the entire house for the week!

Accomplishing this oddity didn’t come easy, as Krehel had to fire a five-bagger in the third game, then strike on his 10th frame fill ball to reach his third 223 game.

Clarence Burke took the top game honors from MLK with a top 244 effort as part of his 572 series.

Brittney Gaumond’s 192-506 led the ladies from the Martin Luther King loop.

Jeremy Beasley tagged the top series during Monday Night Mixed, posting a 223-659, along with Paul Lacher’s 258-636, and Randy Cartwright’s 240-587.

Bonnie Sawyer blistered the pocket for a 196-577 (249-736 with handicap) to lead the Monday Night Mixed ladies, along with Linda Barrett’s 200 game and Adeline Tolson’s 182 effort.

Lindsay Perry claimed the top series from Fellowship League, claiming a 233-634. Mark Tarkington’s 227-613 and Woody Heckstall’s 224-612 along with matching 246 top games from Ty Chesson and Jimmie Moore wrapped up the men’s leaders from last Tuesday evening.

Kaytee Simpson returned to her early season dominance, firing a 246-615 to lead the Fellowship ladies, along with nice games from Brittney Gaumond (186) and Bobbi Jo Tarkington (185).

Patsy Sanders had a great night last Wednesday during Albemarle Rollers, where she bagged a 180-506, finishing just ahead of Sharon Hoffler’s 170-486, and Pamela Griffin’s 167 game.

Top games from All-American Ladies came off the hands of Ocie Manos (177), Becky Hilderbrand (172), and Stella Miller (161). Becky and Val Hardison topped the handicap performances with 247-648 and 246-647 respectively.

Ben Hawkins’ 211-533 topped the youth on Saturday morning, followed by Bryce Hawkins’ 202-495, Christopher Vinson’s 458 series, and Joshua Davenport’s 174 series.

Lindsay Porter’s 147-379, Violet Olds’ 131-372, and Kaylee Winslow’s 124-339 led the young ladies. Also, congrats to Violet Olds on converting the 4-6 split during her pregame practice balls!

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!