Surf fishing season is heating up

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Troy Topash from Elizabeth City with a largemouth caught on top water.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, April 20, 2019

The beach is beginning to get busy with tourist and locals alike and with that come the anglers searching for good fishing from the famous Outer Banks.

We have some of the best surf fishing in the world right in our own back yard and it is beginning to pick up.

The famous point is on a good bull drum bite as well as shark, blues and mullet on any given day.

The puffers and mullet have moved up the coast as far as Corolla so bottom fishing is looking good.

There are plenty of places to fish and lots of fish to catch at the beach right now so lets go fishing.

First we start at the southern beaches with the point and ramps south of that.

The big bull drum are biting on fresh cut mullet with some guys saying the heads are best while others are saying the middle body is best. It is kind of like what is better a Chevy or a Ford.

Everyone has an opinion but what it really comes down to is use what you have confidence in but what they all have in common is a drum rig which consists of a large circle hook and a slipper weight or drum rig.

If you have any questions ask anyone working at a local tackle store or fishing the point for that matter.

This rig has to be thrown as far out as you can possibly throw from the surf which means wading out into the cold surf so waders are recommended.

Next you want to have a medium rig which means it can go half as far as your big heaver rig and it should have fresh shrimp or cut bait on a bottom rig and just over the waves and into the deeper water.

This will bring the blues and mullet to the beach as well as the occasional puffer fish.

Then you want a short rig that is just in the surf and this will be baited with fresh shrimp and squid or even a sand flea later in the year.

This will get you some puffers, black drum, mullet and even the occasional flounder.

You never know what kind of fish will be hanging out just in the surf.

A lot of anglers will throw over the head of most of the fish not knowing what lies right at their feet.

The beach we have is some of the best fishing available in the world and it is right at our feet so get to the beach and find out what you are missing.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore anglers have been fighting the wind but when they did get out this week the fish have been biting.

The yellowfin bite has been good with multiple fish being caught on every boat. While they have been out there they had the occasional gaffer dolphin and wahoo brought back to the docks.

On the beach and piers the bite is improving almost every day.

Bull drum at the point with the occasional blues blitz coming here and there.

The puffers and mullet are on almost every beach right now and the piers have had some good days and some slow days.

It is right at the tipping point of winter dead fishing and summer active fishing. Bring fresh shrimp and cut bait to your favorite spot and find out what is out there on your own.

Locally we have had some great bass fishing with top water baits like Pop-Rs and Rapalas working wonders in the ponds and rivers while soft plastics like lizards and worms with a pegged weight is also paying off. The spawn is still going on while other fish are in a post spawn mode.

You can catch them shallow or deeper depending on what style of fish you are comfortable with.

The crappie fishing is still on a spawning mode with fish up in the shallows schooled up in the bushes and laydowns.

Small tube jigs and live shiners are the go to bait but catches of 50 fish or more are not uncommon.

If anyone gets out and goes fishing this week I would love to see what you catch so send me a picture and a report to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.