Bowling scores rise with summer heat


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

As the director of the local youth program, I’m always searching for ways to attract youth bowlers and add some excitement for the ones I already have.

To do this, years ago we began closing our youth season with the popular Forty-Frame Game.

The Forty-Frame Game awarded bonus pins in predetermined frames and penalized bowlers pins on errant shots in other frames.

The Forty-Frame Game was a big hit until a few years ago when AMF and Qubica merged and failed to license the Forty-Frame Game.

The bottom line in all that was we could no longer offer the Forty-Frame Game.

I was disappointed and the bowlers were as well.

I needed a new hook to end our youth league season, so we tried the Crazy-8 scoring tournament.

Crazy-8 became such a big hit, we started offering Crazy-8 scoring for our summer league a few years ago.

Crazy-8 scoring is just what the name implies; it awards strikes for 8-count first balls and the results are crazy scores!

The first couple of years failed to produce any 300 games, but last year, the league posted five such scores, and after two weeks this season, they’ve already had a perfect game in each week!

Last year, we expanded the youth Crazy-8 league to allow each team to include one adult.

We’ve done the same this year, and the result is a full league of six teams! Five of the six teams has one adult, and the one that doesn’t has three college-age bowlers.

While Crazy-8 scoring does not help with spare practice over the summer, it does provide loads of fun and overly inflated scores.

As of now, seven youth bowlers are averaging well over 200 during their summer league.

To add some excitement to the adult leagues this summer, Albemarle Lanes offered a 9-pin No-Tap Doubles League.

While the 9-pin won’t produce quite the same numbers as the Crazy-8, it has turned in one 300 score thus far.

One guy who has needed no special scoring to post tons of strikes and mega-high scores has been John Bradley.

Last Monday night, John fired games of 257, 243, and 222 for a whopping 722 series, raising his Monday Night Trio average to 214.

Chris Farrell found the pocket early and often for a 263-672, while Steve Spoonire’s 236-623 and Terrence Riddick’s 242 game rounded out the men’s leaders last Monday.

Brittney Gaumond (202-552), Ofelia Beatty (173-503), and Amie Wallace (175-466) topped the ladies from the week’s first action.

Tuesday night’s No-Tap Doubles league witnessed Paul Lacher overpower the pocket for a nice 238-896, followed by William Heckstall’s 263-882, and John Bradley’s 287-865.

This league bowls 4 games which explains the higher than usual series tallies.

The ladies of the No-Tap loop were topped by Debbie Winslow’s 243-839, Krista Farrell’s 177-685, Brenda Cowand’s 189-670, and Brenda Marx’s 177 game.

The before mentioned Youth-Adult Crazy 8 League failed to produce a perfect game for the first time this season, but still provided some more high tallies as Ben Hawkins (276-707) lead the young men, followed by Christopher Vinson (265-691), Bryce Hawkins (673 series and Travis Clark (259 game). Gary Allen Nistler added a nice 211 game!

Lindsay Porter topped the young ladies with a 224-574, followed by Violet Olds’ 179-476, and Elizabeth Scaff’s 183-469.

Gary Nistler’s 206-592 bested the men from Crazy-8 along with Korey Gregory’s 217-528, and G.S. Pinner’s 201-428.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!