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February 12, 2019

An individual cut off from everyone else would likely be too busy merely surviving to develop or sustain a strong sense of individuality.

February 12, 2019

I was very disappointed by City Council’s recent vote regarding helping Chesapeake Regional Healthcare establish a clinic in Elizabeth City. 

February 09, 2019

Black History Month is here and how do the Democrats ring in the month? By showing their “true” feelings about blacks.

February 07, 2019

I read with great interest the article, "Pelosi wins initial bout of divided government" in the Jan 25th edition of The Daily Advance.

February 06, 2019

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate from California, has embraced “Medicare for all,” an initiative that would expand taxpayer-funded health insurance to the entire U.S. population. 

February 03, 2019

Our dear leader, President Donald Trump, told his U.S. intelligence officials to go back to school.

February 03, 2019

On Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019 I got in a bad car wreck around noon.

February 02, 2019

Congratulations to the Democrats!

February 01, 2019

A recent letter cited Sen. Elizabeth Warren's “unlikability” factor as an obstacle to her becoming president.

January 31, 2019

I've listened to and followed Senate and House debates and hearings back to early 1950s, and I just witnessed the dethroning of the longstanding champion of the ridiculous, sinister and absolute idiocy, the late U. S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin during the U.S. Army hearings.

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