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September 17, 2017

We are in the midst of another hurricane season, not to be confused with the coming holiday season. Unlike Christmas, no one really anticipates the hurricane season, and no one really misses it once it is gone. To this day, no storm determined to be Category 5 on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane…

September 17, 2017

If you’re reading this article and recognize the name O. Henry, let me clarify outright that this will not be an homage to the candy bar, Oh Henry! Unfortunately, I don’t eat a lot of Oh Henry bars, but I have read a decent amount of O. Henry’s short stories, whose actual name was…

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September 15, 2017

My father-in-law would turn over in his grave. Ironweed is now a highly promoted ornamental perennial plant in many garden centers. He spent much of his life trying to get rid of it.

Ironweed is a tall perennial plant with bright purple flowers. It got its name because of the toughness of its stems.…


September 13, 2017

I found a man who has a strategy for avoiding a full-blown spat with his wife.

Hezekiah Brown of Elizabeth City has a lot of experience in helping to resolve conflicts. Over a 45-years-plus career, he's served as a professional mediator and arbitrator for big companies, the city of New York and…

September 13, 2017

Some people fall in love with bridges, as in the late Robert James Waller’s “The Bridges of Madison County,” the best-selling romance novel from 1992.

Others, like me, fall in love with eateries. So here goes with “The Eateries of Madison County, North Carolina” and…


September 10, 2017

The museum displays artifacts from around the region. Often, we choose to use artifacts to write a spotlight talk to give more information to the visitor than is available on a label. One of those artifacts is the “Eastlake-style” pendulum clock. The research that follows was conducted…

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September 09, 2017

Coulrophobia is the term for a fear of clowns. Lots of people have it. No wonder Ringling Bros. Circus is closing down.

Horrormeister Stephen King knew this about clowns when he wrote a scary novel titled “It” back in 1986. He told the story of an evil shape-shifting entity responsible…

September 08, 2017

Pawpaw is a native fruit that is common but easily overlooked. Nearly every fall people ask me about these curious fruits but they’re often hesitant to try them. Ripe fruit are shaped like green link sausages. They have soft bright yellow very sweet flesh and curious large dark flattened…

September 06, 2017

Each time we visit with our 20-something daughters and son-in-law, we learn something new about technology, but I know to expect glitches.

One of our recent frustrations was trying to connect Shannon's phone, and her Spotify playlist, to my husband's Bluetooth sound system in his truck.


September 03, 2017

Every time I head to the Outer Banks on U.S. Highway 158, a sign in front of a red brick building catches my attention: Wright Clinic. When I started researching it, I found an interesting history. When I learned who the person was, I asked my coworkers, “Does anyone know Dr. Charles Wright?…

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