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Elon student government votes against Chick-fil-A

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ELON — Elon University's Student Government Association has voted to get rid of a Chick-fil-A restaurant on campus because the restaurant chain's president is against gay marriage.

The association voted 35-11 to ask its food vendor to find another restaurant to take its place. The decision now goes to the executive president of Elon's Student Government Association, Darien Flowers. He can accept or veto it. If he vetoes the resolution, it can still stand with a two-thirds vote of the association, according to media reports.

Flowers said he wants to talk to students and other people before making a decision.

The ultimate decision on whether Chick-fil-A stays will be made by senior administrators at the private college and Elon's president, school spokesman Dan Anderson said.

The resolution, drafted by an alliance of gay and straight students, said having Chick-fil-A on campus doesn't fit with Elon's non-discrimination policy and points out there are two other Chick-fil-A restaurants near campus if students or faculty want to eat there.

The Student Government Association discussed what to do about comments by Chick-fil-A's president this summer in a retreat with Elon University leaders, Anderson said.

At a public hearing Thursday, most students wanted to get rid of Chick-fil-A.

But Elon student Robert Orr said getting rid of the restaurant based on whom the president of the business gives money to is a bad precedent.

"Is this university prepared to inspect . the giving records of every person and entity that it is connected to?" Orr asked.

Elon wouldn't be the first North Carolina school to cut ties with Chick-fil-A. Davidson College and Duke University let the restaurant go not long after Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy said the United States was inviting God's judgment when its people supported marriage outside the traditional, biblical definition.

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I love chicken

Thank God for heterosexual chickens. Where would we be without them?


Alright, after reading some of these comments I feel it necessary to put my two cents in. I am a current Elon student who attended the meetings and debates of the issue at hand, and I think it is worth noting that it is true most students didn't want to remove Chik Fil A from campus. HOWEVER most simply didn't care one way or another, and given a well thought out and researched argument by these "pompous liberals" as some of you see fit to call them. Many agreed that as those who are paying the college who is in turn paying those organizations that are on campus, we would rather put our money towards a company that is either nonpartisan or more open minded. I also think it necessary to point out that Chik Fil A didn't simply state their opinions. They donated tens of thousands of dollars toward organizations that promoted a death penalty for homosexuals in I think it was Uganda, as well as promoting camps for the "fixing" of kids who have homosexual tendencies. It is more than just opinion vs. opinion. An open debate was held for the Christian students to represent themselves as well as the LGBTQ community to represent, and the LGBTQ was more prepared and it was widely agreed they made a better argument. We are not forsaking Chik Fil A, however we would prefer not to be associated or giving the student bodies money to an organization that has made their stance and supports notable anti homosexual organizations because by association we are supporting the anti organizations. TL;DR Its more than opinion, both sides got their say in, its who the school and the school body wants those fat checks to go to. Plus Chipotle blows Chik Fil A out of the water 9 times out of 10.

I Favor Gay Marriage

Although I favor gay marriage I also favor the right to think as you will and would not sensor or boycott someone of a differing opinion. That is done in totalitarian regimes. By this standard liberalism and dictatorship become one in the same. Think and say as I do or do not speak at all....

You Stand with Friends.

RichardLV, Thanks for speaking up. I am quite Not Gay Marriage. I am Quite Respectful, as You Are. Thanks. Stephen.

Liberal Arts

These are liberal arts students, most will be supported by the government in one form or another. As the owner of a corporation doing business both domestically and internationally, I can assure you that we would never consider applicants from a college with such narrow minded students. These are not the minds of tomorrow's leaders.


lottapaws - I respect your opinion, but assuming all Elon students are narrow-minded because of a decision its administration makes means you are the most narrow-minded of all. I can assure you that as an Elon graduate I would never consider working for a company with such a rude and narrow-minded owner such as yourself. These are not the minds of today's leaders. You should be ashamed of yourself.

spectredeed, I just don't get

spectredeed, I just don't get you. Maybe, I am just tired.

Circlin' Round

section, You ain't alone. Hell. WAY Too Many of my Colleagues in Hawaii would sing your praises! I'm 50 an' retired. Nah. Not even close! Let's keep the focus on that Matter at Hand. Systematically, something needs our attention~ Stephen

Elon Bigotry

My company, small by some standards, large by others and still privately held, will no longer consider Elon graduates for any position.


I appreciate that. It's nice to know that, not only do I have to deal with bigots on this campus who think diversity means it's okay to eliminate beliefs other than their when I graduate I have to worry about my employment. Don't you think there are quite a few of us who fought this as much as possible?

No need to worry

Pay no attention to the posters who claim they will not hire an Elon graduate. It's doubtful if any really have jobs to offer or a business to run. It is a volatile issue and I back decisions of the restaurant over the superficiality of its critics. It's easy to be a "ground stander" when one has nothing at stake. Just wait 'til they enter the real world. ;)

again, pathetic.

I find it ridiculous that Elon students are being held completely accountable for a decision that a small minority group of students forced the adminstration to make. Most Elon students wanted Chick-fil-a to stay and their opinions, unfortunately, were stifled by the administration. Companies should not be holding this against students and graduates and assuming they are narrow-minded or not fit to be a part of the corporate world when in fact a degree from Elon is one of the best anyone can ever get. The fact that you would be willing to hold this against someone who has a degree from Elon on their resume is appalling and as an Elon graduate I would never consider working for someone like you.

Given Serious Pause.

To all Concerned. Receive that as "Wise Counsel." Close aboard, in Hawaii here, as elsewhere - too many in a Generation or Two have become self-absorbed and grown quite comfortable with it. An iPod will NEVER be a Substitute for observing & appreciating the world at large. A "talent show involving "Idols"" will never supplant values some just about two-odd generations before, walk past with every day. Stephen.

Herded into Discrimination

Elon College...... Engaged Minds. Inspired Leaders. Global Citizens. I live a half contient away and happened upon this article. Can someone at Elon College engage the Student Government Association, inspire them as leaders and show them that their global citizenship gives them a responsibility to not allow themselves to be herded into the liberal stall of discrimination.

Absurd. Simply Absurd.

At least one or two in the immediate vicinity possess (acquired thru merit (earned(!))) a degree reflecting the disciplines requisite to comment on this matter. Cutting to the chase, how on God's Green Earth was this silliness allowed to ever, EVER, See the Light of Day...? Darien Flowers, what's in a name? A nice name... Perhaps we'll all be absorbed by how Chick-fil-a had to Extend their Hours to, absorb, customers come their first month post Grande Opening. Stephen.

It's very typical of liberals

It's very typical of liberals to be intolerant of anyone else's beliefs that do no correspond to their own thus, "shoving it down their throats,' but it's okay for them to shove their views down conservatives' throats.Kudos for Chick fa la for sticking to their beliefs! Who ever heard of Elon University anyway? What a wimp their dean is....I'll have to talk to the students first.Typical....

School and Dean

Number 1 MBA in the country. Situational irony but true. I'm furious about what has happened and, at the moment, ashamed of this University but I think its safe to say we're heard of. Do you know our dean? If you don't then an unfounded statement is ignorant in itself. The University refused to intervene in the situation and in an interview the dean told students taking issue to vote with their wallets. This is a student government issue, steamrolled by a gay/lesbian group on campus. It's sad but most university student government organizations are a weak depiction of reality, a joke comprised of bush league resume junkies playing host to a narrow selection of views flying under the radar of a disinterested and apathetic student body.

I agree - it is typical of

I agree - it is typical of liberals to label anyone who doesn't parallel with their beliefs as intolerant and punish them for it. However, this doesn't give you a right to knock Elon and its students. Actually a lot of people have heard of it - it wins numerous national awards every year and is consistently named one of the top universities in the South, so maybe you should educate yourself before you make a comment like that

Go back to class

Well so much for "open dialog" as atated in your Vision Statement. The student gov't when I went to school did not deal with which establishments they approved for campus dining. Maybe we just go back to campus dining services (yum-yum) to these spoiled brats. Elon students stand up for yourselves and not let a bunch of wet nosed liberal brats take your great/respected University down this path. I've already talked to several alumni that are not supportive.


How did maintaining the tautological definition of marriage ever become an issue that has anything to do with homosexuals?

support chic-fil-A

Good stuff!


Kind of funny that the people of NC don't support it either. Perhaps ELON should move out of state.

Hypocrisy Much?

So let me get this're going to respond to the Chik-fil-a CEO's intolerance by being intolerant of his personal beliefs? Guess that education is really paying off.

So how many jobs will be lost

So how many jobs will be lost because of this decision? One question for these petitioners, how would you feel if someone cost you your job because of what you stand for? In a tough economy we need to let jobs be, as long as we stay on this course we are on it is only going to get worse.


I urge any prospective employer to remove this college from their list. I certainly wouldn't want any student from this college on my payroll. I know it would suck to be penalized due to the action of a few students. However, you have set the precedent.

roninva wrote:I urge any

roninva wrote:
I urge any prospective employer to remove this college from their list. I certainly wouldn't want any student from this college on my payroll. This is not right and I think many other people also feel the same way. I know it would suck to be penalized due to the action of a few students. However, you have set the precedent.
If I owned a company and I was hiring, I wouldn't want anyone from this college on my payroll either. I would basically automatically remove such people from the applications.

Elon Student government

You should hold this to a student Body vote or maybe you could impose Shiria law next ! I mean who in the Hell are you people to impose your Morals on the whole student Body? Unless I missed something we are still in America and people can say whatever they want, it's their Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech no matter what your opinion's, And In case you missed it Chick-Fil-A will sell sandwiches to straight or Gay students, Man this country is turning to Crap and it's not Chick-Fil-A its you Idiots

Not going to college there!

My daughter is a high school junior honor student. Elon was on her short list of colleges. It is off the list now! I am appalled at their actions.

As an Elon grad and Elon Law

As an Elon grad and Elon Law student (oh, and also a conservative Chick-Fil-A lover by the way), it's really too bad you want to deprive your daughter of the best 4 years of her life with some of the brightest minds and most wonderful personalities just because of this. It really is showing of YOUR intolerance towards this small group of students' opinions.


Really "Missysmom"? You're going to let something like this completely steer you away from Elon University? Please. The fact that you are so willing to make such a huge generalization shows how much of an uneducated bigot you really are. Typical helicopter mom too deciding where your daughter's going to college. And if she's anything like you, she wouldn't have gotten into Elon anyway. Take your shitty attitude somewhere else - we have PLENTY of applications to choose from

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