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Man gets jail after dropping pants to judge

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GRAHAM— A North Carolina 19-year-old faces jail time after pulling down his pants while walking away from a judge. Jonathan Lee Gaddy of Burlington was in court this week to face an underage drinking charge. Alamance County District Court Judge Jim Roberson told him twice to pull his sweatpants up to his waist.

Gaddy yanked his pants down to above his knees on his way out of the courtroom, exposing his underwear.

Roberson ordered him taken into custody for 10 days in the Alamance County jail for Thursday's offense. Roberson also scolded Gaddy for laughing and making disruptive outbursts in court.

Gaddy followed his attorney's advice and apologized to the judge.

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I95 or John Wayne?

Mighty tough talk there, I95. Kill him with your bare hands? Really? He's 20--likely stronger and faster than you and I are. But don't worry. Idiots like this usually get stupid enough to take themselves out of the gene pool early. If he's this cocky to a judge, he'll act like that to his cellmates, who will administer an EBD. EBD = Educational Beat Down.

Tell Gaddy

If he drives drunk and kills my family I'll kill him with my bare hands.

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