Piping plover nest closes Cape Point to vehicles

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BUXTON, N.C. (AP) — Ramps that allow access to one of the most popular surf fishing sites on the Outer Banks are closed because workers with the National Park Service found a piping plover nest with three chicks.

Park Service officials say Ramps 43 and 44 on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are closed temporarily to traffic. The ramps allow access to Cape Point in Buxton.

Officials say the chicks hatched early Thursday morning.

Beach driving and fishing groups have opposed expanded closures and permit requirements imposed early last year by the seashore. Vehicle access is most limited in June, which is the height of the nesting season for a variety of shorebirds and sea turtles.

The Park Service says pedestrians can still go to Cape Point.

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Cape point

As usual the National Park Service is lying. You 100% CANNOT walk to Cape Point. I'm in Buxton , NC as I write this, did the NPS happen to mention the hundreds of animals they murder every month! Fox, rabbits, raccoons... All killed because they think they might "harm" the birds eggs. The park Service are not wanted here on this island, we hate them. They are American terrorists that lie and kill. The worst thing hat ever happened to cape Hatteras is when the Park Service came here in the 50's and stole the land from the people here. My grandmother lost 100 high wooded acres , she fought them but lost! They are not allowed on any of my businesses or property.

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