Camden denies sheriff’s request for new position

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — Camden commissioners rejected Sheriff Tony Perry’s request Monday to add a position Perry says will free him from desk duties that consume time he should be spending in the community.

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Camden commissioners rejected Sheriff Tony Perry’s request Monday made a right call! The Sheriff is already overstaff. Past Sheriff's have done a great job protecting the people of Camden with half the staff that Perry has now!

Well said freespeaker!!!

Well said freespeaker!!!


This number of calls, how many are 911 calls and such and how many are traffic calls ie; running radar, id check road blocks at the state line, etc. I have to agree with that Duckwall Gal. I would have asked for the Deputy position first. Just my 2 cents.

Commissioners not looking past their noses

Camden Board of Commissioners are not looking past their noses with Sheriff Perry's request for an added position. At best, any LE agency is 20%-30% understaffed at any time. Without someone to properly seek and plan expenditures, this in itself, can take it's toll on budgets, as it creates additional money sucking, knee jerk, crisis-like expenditures. To avoid just this, a resource specialist position, would more than pay its own way, not to mention the other assumed duties. The lip service coming from the BOC about questionable public safety is just a smoke screen to hide their ignorance on the whole matter. Interim LE patrol duties can be covered in the short term with overtime dispersed/divided amongst the present staff of patrol officers. Do the math people! 5,500 calls compared to now over 12,000 calls represents an over 225% increase. To cover this properly, Sheriff Perry's staff SHOULD HAVE already been increased by a minimum of 50%, so an additional 2-3 positions is a real bargain if that's all he's asking for! It seems the BOC has no problem at all finding money to buy additional office buildings and to spend on eco parks. Get with the program! The board better start focusing on taking care of what is now instead of casting money on dreams and whims of explosive economic prosperity.

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