Camden limits remote participation

By Cindy Beamon

Staff Writer

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CAMDEN — The Camden Board of Commissioners has agreed to limit to three a year the number of meetings members can dial-in to instead of physically attending.

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The liberal think tank - The School of Govt.,

UNC Chapel Hill style. They are worse than I ever thought. People can work in their home and communicate with their employers electronically and by phone with NO problem but, a commissioner who is serving the USA can't let the voters decide if he is doing his job. This is so sandbox style thinking.

Self serve at its best

How exactly is Riggs serving his constituents while in Hawaii or So Carolina? The meetings are a small part of his responsibility and I'm sure he continues to collect his check from the County each month. The honorable thing to do would be to resign, so that someone who truly wants to serve the County could step in and serve the people... not themselves.

Please Stop

The taxpayer does not need to pay for additional technology, but the person needing this additional expense.

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