Camden may have to raise school lunch prices

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — To cover its losses, Camden schools will have to raise lunch prices and ask the county for a bigger contribution in the coming year, school leaders say.

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Commissioner McLain

is right. I don't see his comment as pandering to any special group. I see it as an accurate statement. I also know a school day is not long enough to push kids to eat something they don't like.

Once again penalize the ones that work!

Once again you penalize the families that work and make them pay full price for a meal while those lazy parents that don't work get more government handouts. The price only affects the families of the parents that work and want a warm meal. Those getting it free still get it free. That's the problem with society; you reward those that don't work and penalize those that do. You are basically discriminating against the families that have money. If you are going to give free meals away then it should be for every child not just for the ones that are living off the government.

Totally agree

Once again, the lazy are still getting everything for free.

Oh, Laudy, Laudy!!

De's jus nay en to dis. When yous folks gwanna unnerstan de's folk's is entitled. Dey works! Who you thinks is makin sure dem drugees is gettin all dey need? Dat check is jus "sumpin extree" to helps pay fo dey nice ride and de cell phone.

Your basic philosphy is something I agree

with but that really is not helpful. You are usually very insightful.


because of new regulations and higher costing food per nutrition guidelines all schools are probably going in the hole. Most of this quote healthy nutritious food is going in the trash cause the kids don't want it. Those who actually pay for lunch are not buying it cause they don't want it and those who are free or reduced eat very little of it so in the trash a lot of untouched food goes. It's only healthy and nutritious if they eat it.. Alot of school system are pulling out of the program because of expense and waste. A lot of the waste comes in because of mandatory rules that certain amounts of this or that has to be on the plate whether the child wants it or not so if they don't want it in the trash it goes. They need to monitor the trash cans every once in a while to see how much goes in the trash. You can't make them eat it so why make them take it on the plate and complain about waste

Be a parent

Being a parent requires saying no, that includes junk food.

10 cent per meal increase a problem????

Big whoop! I'd like to have access to a complete nutritious meal for $2.15 a day. Heck, if they go to $2.50 a meal, it's still a great bargain. The school systems, and especially the school boards and BOC's, need to STOP trying to appease every single "special" parent and student need and start looking at the big overall picture. Apparently, "Marvelous Mike" McCain and those 52% that aren't eating lunch, haven't been hungry enough for any length of time to see just how good the food served there is. If a student needs such a "special" diet, then it's the responsibility of the parents or guardians to provide it, rather than the school. That aside, just how many meals are the school cafeterias preparing each day? Are they preparing enough food for 100% of the students and only 48% are eating? If so, there goes your waste and excessive expense! Overage should not exceed 5% per day. Any GOOD food service manager would strictly adhere to this and shoot for even less. Surely student participation does not vary so much from day to day to make that an unreachable goal. Perhaps someone can answer this question in a reply posting.

The problem is with the parents

"Many students just throw away the expensive, but mandatory servings of fruit and vegetables, noted a couple commissioners." The problem is the parents are not feeding their children good food from the start. To throw out the fruits and veggies is inexcusable.


Very good point George!

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