Hopefuls agree flood fix fees must be fair

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — Camden is still figuring out how it will charge residents for a plan commissioners approved almost a year ago to fix flooding problems across the county.

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CAP I Agree, we live in a low

CAP I Agree, we live in a low lying coastal area, my property borders on a swamp, I knew it when we purchased it and accept that some flooding of the road and my property will occur during a storm. Its an inconvenience but not life threatening and certainly doesn't justify more taxes. Look at the money and expertise the Corps of Engineers dedicate to places like New Orleans, and it still floods. Its a fact of life here, and with rising sea levels its going to happen more. Cleaning out ditches won't solve this. Its another case of lack of responsibility on a landowner saying they want the gov't to fix it for them. And our local gov't is more than happy to tax us more so they can keep their jobs. If you want my vote.... tell me your not going to raise my taxes. Everyone who agrees to this plan will not receive a vote from me.

Just what we need

another tax that does nothing. We live in a swampy area and will never stop flooding.

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