NAACP: Recruit more minority teachers in Camden

By Reggie Ponder

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — Representatives of the Camden NAACP asked Camden school officials Thursday to adopt goals the group has proposed, including recruiting more minority teachers and closing the achievement gap between minority and white students.

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Why Does The Word Minority

mean "Black?" Minority means the opposite of majority whether it is race, voting, or choosing an ice cream flavor. In this case for Camden County School System, the MAJORITY is the white students in the school system according to the demographics and MINORITY is the other students whether they are black, hispanic, or vietnamese. The NAACP does not just deal with African American issues but the organization deals with injustice and equality. If aquiring the experience of more diverse teachers allows our students to have a more diverse knowledge then, so be it! But don't shoot the information down if you didn't understand the reasoning behind the information. We all have to deal with diversity everyday of our lives. So, allowing our children to experience diversity at a young age cannot hurt if the diversity is structured. But Camden County is such a one way county that if the MAJORITY (White) doesn't like what the MINORITY (others) say then, everything has to be race related issue cause the NAACP has made a statement. Therefore, all of you who are negative towards the NAACP, need to catch a clue or look a definition up before you jump to conclusion of thinking that you know everything about the NAACP!

Sorry Monique...

For have no idea posters race on the DA. As for the naacp, I will continue to judge them by their actions which speaks volumes.

My Posting

I can only assume that a member of the NAACP and the TDA found my posting offensive, or that it was too close to the truth. So here it is again. I stated that the NAACP has outlived its usefulness. Before MLK the Black community did need a voice, but with all of the civil rights laws on the books the NAACP is just a self serving, black orginazation. they want more blacks in the system, ok....I can live with that if they are qualified. Camden does not have to lower its standards to accomadate the NAACP. You want the gap closed. fine then you (the NAACP) say that more black teachers are needed. That Black students learn better from black teachers. that is crap. they say they need to close the gap, and imply that white students will learn less from black teachers thereby the gap will be closed. Make up up your mind if you have one. A student will learn if they want to learn, period.

It's enough to make one wonder....

Daily Advance isn't a stand alone entity. They have an used to be Cox Enterprises, now it's Cooke Communications. I wonder if their parent company is aware that the reporters daly so much in these racially charged offensive reports. We've all seen the DA guys outside local stores giving away the newspapers and trying to get people to sign up for subscriptions. When the majority walk away from a free newspaper... you have a problem. So, Cooke Communications is either a) in the market of losing money through their subsidiary companies, b) supportive of the half-baked journalism done at the DA and willing to support them despite the negative impact on the community, c) completely unaware of the poor jurnalistic decisions being made and allowed at the DA. I don't see many other options.

do the math

"DPI data shows Camden has 1,916 students, of whom 239 are black — about 12.5 percent of the total student population" 10.48% of the teaching staff is of the minority persuasion and other staff occupations far exceedes the NAACP's qouta. I say don't change anything and let Camden continue to have schools that we are proud of.


I noticed that several posters to this article have had their posts removed this morning. Evidently they were deemed as offensive to someone. To whom do I report that I feel this article in context and principle is also offensive? Just asking!

A simple answer

It's OK to follow TDA's motto of "Dare to think, write, and speak the truth" as long as it's what they want to be heard. None of the posts were necessarily offensive, but rather, they were truthful. And we all know that truth hurts!

Double dog dare you...

Hi freespeaker. I think the motto is "We dare you to think, write and speak the truth." ;)

You got it right sister!

I think TDA enjoys their own form of censorship.

Did know

I was not aware we had a race problem in Camden, or in the School System either. I think what the NAACP is doing is trying to create an issue where none exists. If our school system is not up to their(NAACP) standards then why are both black and white families doing anything they can to try to move over here.They do anything to get their kids in the system, even lying about their addresses, or giving up custody of their kids to relatives that live in the county. The NAACP should use their energy to curb teen pregnancy, stop children from having to raise children, and stopping young blacks from turning to gangs, drugs and violence. The reason why the school system is successful is they hire people based on qualifications not race or gender.

"recruiting minority

"recruiting minority teachers" ? Is the NAACP suggesting that Camden County Schools should exclusively recruit minority teachers? Race should not be a factor. The most qualified applicant(s) should always be hired regardless of race. A more appropriate reason for the Camden County Branch of the NAACP to address the school board would be for them to thank the board for the outstanding job they do for ALL of their students --- and to keep doing what they have been doing to ensure the schools maintain their excellent performance.


How is hiring more minority teachers going to close the Achievement gap? Ms. Ferebee, Mr Lighty are you suggesting that minority students can only learn from minority teachers? If this premise is true then this suggests that we truly are different of which the NAACP would never admit!

I also think...

that any teachers that took the time to speak up for this should have their records examined a little closer. Are they less demanding on the minorty students? I know one teacher at the middle school who shows extreme favoritism towards minority students but nothing is done when this issue was raised.

And the Naacp

can keep right on moving. Camden is going to continue on a path that has been very successful for them for many years. They put the needs of their students first and maintain high standards. And.... look! Another naacp article written by Mr Ponder. I'm beginning to wonder if he's a member of the group.

Achievement gap?

Just what is an "Achievement gap" when it applies to an education? Does it mean one is doing better than another? Then how do you close the gap when all are given the exact same resources, opportunities and choices when it comes down to whether or not you are going to educate YOURSELF? This is just another stone thrown by the NAACP to promote the concept of racial inequality! Enough already!

Straight talk

Whatever the reason(s) for lower achievement among blacks, the solution is critical to all of us. We can identify poor parenting, drug use, gang affiliation, and any number of other drags on achievement, but the fact remains if we do not succeed in dragging that horse to water and making him drink the nation will suffer. I don't like it either, but it is where we are. It is where we have to begin.

The achievement gap is real but it is more about income

There is a very real racial academic achievement gap but look at the numbers and you'll find that it follows the poverty tend even stronger. Where Camden takes great strides ahead of all other counties is that all races and income excel to a much higher standard and the gap between them is the smallest. This means Camden is an excellent school system.

No. They should keep all

No. They should keep all focus on education! This is absurd. Look at the school data and you'll find that the racial performance gap is the smallest in all of the region.

When focus is on excellence all will advance

My point is that when you keep the focus based on what counts, the best teachers, then all will advance. NAACP should instead protest the giant racial academic achievement gap in other counties performance numbers. Those minority kids are graduating with a true lifelong disadvantage, education.

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