Woman killed in Camden traffic collision ID'd, was COA student

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CAMDEN — The N.C. Highway Patrol has released the name of  a College of The Albemarle student who was killed in a traffic collision in Camden County Thursday night.

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This has to stop...

I can't believe this... Another life gone within 7 days of each other !!! "It seems death is all around us right now" !!! "What's happening to "our world"??? Our children are passing away before their lives even get "a good start". It all seems unfair to many of us and leaves us to wonder, "Are we the blame for this", or, "Are we being the parent we should be"??? "SO MANY QUESTIONS" AND "SO FEW ANSWERS", IS WHAT WE ARE LEFT WITH!!! "All we can do at this point is, "PRAY" for the "CHILDREN", "AND THEIR FAMILIES". Camden County children and their families are going to need all of the "SUPPORT", "PRAYER'S", and "LOVE" we can give them right now!!! Tragedy after tragedy is going to be hard to deal with in a community as small as Camden County!!! I grew up in Camden County and "all of us are 1 big family", so "whenever one of us is hurting", "we all are hurting"!!! "PEOPLE", "FROM CAMDEN COUNTY", and "ALL SURROUNDING COUNTY'S", "PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES DURING THEIR TIME OF NEED"!!! "PRAY THAT "GOD" WILL PUT "COMFORT" AND "ASSURANCE" UPON THEIR HEARTS"!!! "GOD BLESS YOU ALL"!!

Please pray!

Please pray for the children that were hurt and the ones lost tonight. ALL our kids in Camden are going to need extra love and support as they deal with more tragedy.

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