(l-r) Montelli Privotte, O'shea Lee, Shakir Archer, Steven McGilberry

Photo Courtesy Edenton Police

(l-r) Montelli Privotte, O'shea Lee, Shakir Archer, Steven McGilberry

4 charged in armed robbery outside Edenton eatery

Chowan Herald

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wow these guys are going to

wow these guys are going to have it made, they steal and then go to jail and get free medical,no rent,Electric, car insurance,meals made for them.free clothes.they get to play basketball ,go to the gym..and all the other little perks that they get.and no matter what the crime was the outcome will still be the same.we should all go live at the rockafella center the government treats the criminals better than the working man

50% of Black Men arrested before the age of 23

As mentioned in a previous Daily Advance article, 50% of Black men arrested for a non-traffic crime before the age of 23. This statistic seems to be the norm here in Northeastern North Carolina. Why are all these black men committing these crimes?


Because when you are too good to work for a dollar and it is easier to take someone else's, then the recipe is complete once you add two or three of your thug hoodie buddies!.

Great photos!

The photos of these four guys are so crisp and clear. No out of focus fuzziness. Their features are so well defined that one can readily see just how really stupid idiots look now!

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