Lamb, Womble differ on backlog

By Reggie Ponder

Chowan Herald

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EDENTON — The Republican incumbent district attorney and his Democratic challenger have differing views about the causes of the current backlog of criminal cases in the 1st Prosecutorial District.

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Attorney's should know

If anyone should know if things are better it is the Attorney's who have to work with the DA's office. Seems like there has been significant improvement.

On another note why did the ECPD give up on the previous DA and ADA and go to the US Attorney to get a felony conviction for a perpetrator arrested over 20 times for felonies and never tried or jailed?

Ask Mr. Lehman about his arraignment and trial experience with the previous legal system administrators over touching Andre Simpson, the same man who resigned from the School Board after he injured his wife in a domestic dispute. Oh, no charges were filed there.

And how effective was the previous ADA in improving efficiency when the execution of a sentence gets lost for 10 months after the appeal is denied.

Just the facts.

Three weeks ago I was on a jury

that convicted the accused of a crime committed on Feb, 22, 2009. Thank God District Attorney Womble is finally catching up on the huge backlog of cases he inherited when he was appointed DA. That backlog was from the previous administration of which Nancy Lamb was a large part.

This Says It All

“I will say that there is much more accessibility,” Crowe said. “The accessibility factor has improved. When you call over to the District Attorney’s Office you know that you’re going to get a return phone call.” Dixon also agreed that access has improved.

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