McCord to nix county contract

By Cindy Beamon

Staff Writer

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CURRITUCK — Kevin McCord, a Republican running unopposed for the District 4 county commission seat in Currituck, said he will give up one of his landscaping contracts with the county to comply with state law once he takes office.

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Is the position of deputy considered a 'contract' with the county?


But he can keep his job as a county sheriff's deputy? What's wrong with this picture ... am I the only one thinks it's not right for an elected official (especially a commissioner) to be on the county payroll as an employee and contractor?

No, I see a huge problem with this.

It would seem better to let him keep the contracted jobs than to be a county employee, although I don't think he should be allowed to do either.

Question, Ms Beamon

Did you ask how many employees this business has? Are they local residents? Will those employees lose their jobs when the contract is given up?

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