Walmart eyeing site in Edenton

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EDENTON — More than a decade after efforts to bring a Walmart to Edenton sparked controversy and then stalled, the retail giant is again apparently eyeing a store in Chowan County.

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This is just bad

Look there is just no need for a Walmart in Edenton. Simply put we just do not need to saturate our area with these stores and frankly all the other stores they bring. We have one in Williamston and one n Elizabeth City, that is plenty to service the area. I just do not believe this is going to enhance Edenton. One of Edenton's greatest assets is the downtown area. This is just not going to help that area.

Bad Idea!

Walmart tried more than a decade ago and failed, and with good reason. Edentonians were smart to keep the Goliath from invading their town. Just look at the carnage Walmart has brought to countless small towns all over America since the start of their uncontrolled expansion in 1991. In many rural areas, Walmart is basically the only business left standing, all others laid to waste. Sure, Walmart brings jobs, but only those of minimum wage or worse. Your friends and neighbors are owners and stakeholders of thriving small businesses that pay living wages. When people are paid a living wage, they can afford to support not only their families, but those of local merchants as well. When Walmart forces the closure of local stores, those comparatively high wages go out the door, and sure, in the short term, Walmart offers what seems to be fantastic prices. But when the awe of the grand opening wears off, and Walmart becomes the town's dominant employer, those low wages may make you pine for the good old days before the Waltons stole your wallet! For a local perspective, look at Elizabeth City. Wal-Mart came to town in 1990 and immediately downtown stores shuttered one by one. In fact to this day, downtown Elizabeth City has yet to regain its prior standing. What once housed department and variety stores (think Chesson's and Super 8), jewelers (Bradshaw's and Selig's), at least one shoe store (Gregg's), supermarket (White & Bright), and hardware store (Hurdle TrueValue) have been lost over the years. All played supporting and for the most part, non-competitive roles that kept downtown alive. Now downtown EC is predominantly restaurants and art galleries, but separated by mass vacancies. Those other stores of the past were the interlocking pieces of the puzzle that made downtown strong, alas there are too few now to keep the current arrangement from crumbling. Rarely have I visited Edenton, but a few months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting your downtown for the first time in two decades. What a refreshing experience it was to experience a truly alive downtown. There's your primary anchor, the department store Peebles, your fantastically sparkling-clean Taylor Theater, the Sears dealer for appliances, a hardware store, bank, boutique shops and restaurants, a coffeehouse... essentially everything downtown Elizabeth City WOULD have looked like today if Walmart had not barged in. Edentonians, you have something truly special - a WORKING downtown! Trust me, especially for a town of your size, a Walmart will turn that lively downtown of yours into a hollow, dilapidated shell, just as has happened in other small towns all over rural America.

Walmart In Edenton:

The people in Edenton need jobs why not bring Walmart to Edenton so people can work? The down town stores are still going to attract tourist and still make money if that's what they are concerned about like the last time Walmart tried to come to Edenton. Why send all the money Chowan County and the town of Edenton could make from people traveling on high way 17 and 32 thru Edenton that would use Walmart. It only make good business sense to bring jobs to the people whom live in Edenton that need jobs. That's suppose to be the main concern of the elected officials to look out for all the people of Edenton.

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