2 weeks later, Currituck officials release fire info

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — More than two weeks after a fire all but destroyed a mobile home in the Wedgewood Lakes area of Currituck County, details about the blaze are only now starting to trickle out from county and fire officials.

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Fire info

Did you answer the question in the first few sentences or did I miss something?? The SBI was investigating per the Sherriff's request The true cause could not be determined(equals undetermined) until the investigation is complete....end of question. This sounds more like a witch hunt full of accusations directed at the volunteer status of the department than news. Sorry Bud but your report was overly and obviously slanted. Give the guy a break, he has a tough job and neither he nor his department really deserve this type of reporting. Shame on you. Now you have MY report on you....does it feel good?? I have known Chief Daily for years and years, he is the Leader of a very successful department that strictly complies with all NC state law and with the national standards. As a former Chief, I truly know how difficult and demanding his job can be....I can proudly say that he has my full respect. Next time present all the facts, not just those that can be presented to give you a story to report. Unless of course you want to make history like the did in Salem Mass. with the big trial there, bring on the dunking. Good day and God bless.

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