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Currituck asked to help pay for span

“There’s certainly a level of frustration that has built up with the struggle of trying to get the project to advance.-”

Dan Scanlon
Currituck County manager

By Cindy Beamon

Staff Writer

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CURRITUCK — State transportation officials apparently have suggested Currituck contribute county dollars to the Mid-Currituck Bridge project as a way of improving the span’s chances of receiving state funding under a new road-building formula.

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No Plans to Deal with Traffic-REALLY?

According to the current STIP dated December 2013, there is a project that would alleviate major issues at the current US158/NC12 intersection. This project: RURAL PROJECTS R-4457 US 158, SOUTHERN SHORES, US 158 AT NC12. CONVERT EXISTING AT-GRADE INTERSECTION TO AN INTERCHANGE would remove the ridiculous stop light at that location which stops traffic in both directions to allow traffic to move onto NC12 north. This is NOT new, it has been in the STIP for years, would cost the State a drop in the bucket compared to the $639,612,000.00 current estimated price tag for this wish list, single lane each direction-think current Wright Memorial situation, bridge. All your wish list bridge will do is start the backups at Aydlett as there is no $ to widen the J.C. Knapp Bridge over the intercoastal waterway just north of Aydlett. Widen and straighten NC12 in DUCK and move on.

You are correct

The NC12 project is on the STIP however, it won't be funded because it is too costly and has to come out of Division funds. While I'm not a fan of the Mid-Currituck bridge, it will be funded out of the State pot of money, not Division. The State pot is a set amount so if we don't get some of that money, Raleigh and Charlotte will get it. The money is there so if Currituck decided they didn't want the bridge it wouldn't save taxpayers a dime. Personally, I think it would be nice to see some of our tax dollars at work here. Now, if you can get the State to give our 14 County division more money for projects, maybe the NC12 project would get done. It will never happen though, tourism dollars in Currituck and Dare support Raleigh's projects and they're not going to give up more money than they have to.


Unaffiliated sounds a lot like Owen Etheridge. Owen, your own county did not support your election to the NC House against Steinberg.

Certainly sounds like someone who lost

Bitterness, jealousy and hardness of heart is a sickness that can only be healed by seeking forgiveness and healing from God. Whoever this is, has really got some issues, including questionable mental stability but most telling, a personal and self serving agenda. Mr. Etheridge is obsessed with the bridge and loved Bill Owens and Marc Basnight. Looking at his recent posts are very revealing and telling in the narrowness of the scope of the poster's criticisms of Steinberg and praise for Owens and Basnight. All the ingredients are there to certainly make a good case that it could be Mr. Etheridge. He certainly has a lot of time on his hands these days. Did you see where he is trying to force Currituck County to buy his family's land near the airport for two million dollars? Commissioners don't want the land so he's taking them and the county to court to see if he can force the citizens of Currituck to purchase it. Now that's really looking out for the taxpayers of Currituck, isn't it? Sure does sound like our former commissioner.

I Agree

Sadly, I did read the article regarding Owen trying to force the county to buy his family's land. They are actually seeking $2.5 million! It is nothing short of reprehensible.

Steinburg is fooling folks

He has given the bridge lip service, nothing more. He has not done anything to advance the bridge. He allowed the budget to take out funding for the bridge as part of his war against Basnight. He also supported a bill that attempts to blackmail Currituck County to pay part of the cost of the mid-county bridge. He is a Molotov cocktail throwing New Yorker that we have allowed to represent us, because local Republicans are too meek to challenge his tea party extremism. He thinks we are all ignorant in his world. And if we re-elect him we are idiots. His policies are radical and un-Christian, although he campaigns wearing his religion on his sleeve,"Christian Conservative" as if he is a better Christian than his opponents. Yes, when I reflect upon Steinburg's ineffective performance, I do miss conservatives like Owens and Basnight. I am embarrassed by Steinburg. I know the tea baggers love him. I am a conservative, but I am no tea bagger. Steinburg will only use our county to get votes and then do nothing to help us. He will never be able to effectively represent us like Owens and Basnight did for 25 years. Even his own leadership in Raleigh has told him to shut his mouth and stop saying crazy junk like Basnight and his machine had a hit man kill some ferry worker who was ruled to have committed suicide. Hopefully a Republican will run against him and defeat him, then perhaps we will have someone in Raleigh who is respected by the Republican leadership and can get things done like continued funding for the bridge. Our County Commissioners, all of whom are more qualified than Steinburg to represent us, have been working for years to advance the bridge, and then in 1 year Steinburg allows the progress of the bridge to be set back 5-10 years. Of course our Currituck elected officials are in contact with him. Unfortunately, privately several of them say he is a typical politician who tells us what we want to hear, but will not go to the mat for the bridge. He is laughing all the way to Raleigh.

Unafilliated is "Chock full of nuts!"

Two weeks ago the advance reported that steinberg got the highest rating of any legislator in the state in both the house and senate, based on his conservative, pro-business voting record as determined by the state chamber of commerce. Doesn't sound like he has been ineffective to me. Your comments are 'chock full of nuts' and devoid of fact, reason or any semblance of commonsense and are thus irrelevant to any meaningful discussion moving forward. Case closed.

Toot your own horn

Whatever you say Bob. You sure have an ego and enjoy talking about yourself. It is all about you Bob. Albemarle Conservative is Bob Steinburg. Case closed.

The Bridge is Commerce

If you want to satisfy the state Chamber that is ok, but you need to be working to satisfy the folks back home. You sold out Currituck. The bridge will be built when we get someone from Currituck in the Legislature, and hopefully that will be after the next election. Case closed Bob.


Steinberg is a joke. Where was he in this debate, hiding in the corner? He should be supporting the Currituck Commissioners, not trying to get us to pay our taxes to fund a state responsibility. He must think the people of Currituck County are dumb enough to buy his balderdash. It is the State's responsibility to fund roads not the county's. He is running for cover since unlike our Commissioners who have fought for years to get the bridge and unlike Senator Basnight and Representative Owens who did whatever it took to protect the mid-county bridge funding, Steinburg sold us out to his bosses in Raleigh. He abandoned years of legislative support for the bridge. He can spin it any way he wants, but he voted for a budget that did not protect Currituck County and the bridge. He is an embarrassment. Mark my word, no substantial movement will be made on building the bridge during his tenure in Raleigh.

If You only had a brain.

Unaffiliated, you are clueless about Representaive Steinberg's heavy involvement in getting this bridge built. Get over Basnight and Owens and this attitude of entitlement you think you/we deserve. You obviously don't like our representative, but most voters do, at least those who have a brain, common sense, and who respect honesty. The good ol boys politics you seem to revere are gone forever. To that we can all take a deep breath and say thank you. You better get out of the past or, like the past, just become a part of history and remain irrelevant. What a sad existence and what a waste of time - yours and ours.

Gool ole boy politics gone


Wrong Bob

We have simply replaced honorable good ole boys with dishonorable good ole boys.

Please do your research

Representative Steinberg DID support the bridge. You must come to terms with the fact that Marc Basnight and Bill Owens no longer run the show in Raleigh. What is the problem with this 2 lane, that's right single file each way, very expensive project, competing against other projects under a data driven process? I wonder how the folks down in Hatteras feel about a second crossing in Currituck when they are fighting for 1 road access to their area and to Ocracoke!

To clarify your comments

The Bonner Bridge replacement is funded and ready for construction. The State is just tied up in a lawsuit with the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) regarding a CAMA permit. Any highway project scheduled for construction before July 15, 2014 is being built. Any highway project not scheduled for construction by July 15, 2014 is not funded and has to go through the data driven priority process. The Mid-Currituck Bridge has not been funded and therefore goes through the data driven priority process at the State level. And yes, Representative Steinburg has been and still is supportive of the Mid-Curritcuk Bridge. Currituck elected officials are in contact with him. The Mid-Currituck can't be funded out of Division funds because there is only about $30 million for projects in 14 counties for 2 years. The Mid-Currituck will have to be funded at the State level because of the cost. Two different pots of money.

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