The state Department of Transportation has figured out a new method for setting tolls that proposes a $7 charge for cars crossing the Currituck Sound.
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The state Department of Transportation has figured out a new method for setting tolls that proposes a $7 charge for cars crossing the Currituck Sound.

DOT: Knotts Island ferry toll to be $7

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — After years of fighting to keep the Knotts Island-Currituck ferry toll-free, county officials are facing another battle that one state lawmaker predicts will be tough to win.

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Steinburg says he doesn't like it but it is inevitable. Of course it is inevitable if he lets his Charlotte bosses set toll tax policy for ferries and bridges in Currituck, Dare and Hyde Counties. This is more payback against Basnight's old district and Steinburg is a eager leader in the effort. Once again doublespeak Steinburg wants to have it both ways, "he was against it before he voted for it. And now he is against it, even though he voted for it." This is a tax increase on our citizens, even for those who get a commuter rate of $150 a year, which is a $150. a year tax increase. Steinburg thinks we should help pay for Charlotte's new highways, but Charlotte should not help pay for our ferry operations. How was it the best way to get the mid-county bridge funded? Does Steinburg not think that we are aware that he voted against funding for the mid-county bridge. He didn't like it but he voted for a budget that eliminated funding for the bridge. A real man of conviction, that ole New Yorker Steinburg wants us to believe he is. He continuously sacrifices the best interests of Currituck County and his District, playing good ole boy politics for his own political expediency. When we are getting the short end of the stick, he should just vote no. Instead he goes along to get along. Steinburg should show some courage. He should stand up for his district for a change. Apparently, Steinburg has no influence in the House, since on issue after issue, what he claims to support doesn't get funded(mid-county bridge) and what he claims to be against gets passed(toll tax on Knotts Island ferry). Steinburg criticizes Basnight and Owens because he is jealous of the respect they enjoyed as legislative leaders. At least they protected funding for the mid-county bridge and fought against tolling on our ferries. I will vote for any Republican or Democrat that runs against Steinburg. If no one runs and we get two more years of Steinburg, we will get what we deserve, and that is nothing but crumbs. Steinburg will never achieve leadership status in Raleigh. The great progress our region made during the Basnight and Owens era will continuously be eroded under Steinburg's tenure. Let's end his tenure just like he voted to end the tenure of our teachers. Without tenure, there is nothing, other than pure loyalty and dedication, that prevents our best teachers from driving up Hwy.168 to Chesapeake and Virginia Beach to make much more money.

I just can't see charging residents of KI a fee.

I also don't see charging residents of OI a fee. I realize a fee on anyone may hurt the economics of the destination location but the bottom line is that it is better for the user to pay than the taxpayer at large. DO NOT charge the residents of these locations. I don't support taxpayer funding of the new bridge but I do think passengers (not residents of the location) on the ferries should contribute to the cost of the ferry service. I am not a resident or property owner of KI or OI.

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