Ex-airport manager questions hiring

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — A former airport manager for Currituck claims he was forced out of his job because his hours were cut to part time in 2013.
Jim Elliott, airport manager for three years at Currituck Regional Airport, wants to know why, just a year later, the county switched the job to full time again.

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Ms. Cindy Beamon - Good job reporting this story. Unfortunate County Mgr Scanlon did not/would not comment. Might be a good time for Currituck residents to attend the next Commissioners' meeting and ask a few questions. Thanks, Ms. Beamon! Bill Hiemer

Interesting to note

The new Airport Manager has had the stick for 3 weeks now, yet the KONX contact info has yet to be updated in at least four online FBO directories I've checked (AirNav, FltPlan, AOPA and AcuKwik). This is what happens when you hire someone with no airport experience to run an airport...

Looks like the time for a new Currituck County Manager

is long overdue.


Who is it you refer to when you mention this "Currituck Cartel"?

Ah, Weedhopper!

That would be those appointed ,hired, and/or elected to direct the top level affairs of the county.

Answer in 3 words

Politics, Politics, Politics. Sad but true, Mr. Elliott, you apparently didn't have your politics right. The saying, "To get along, you go along" holds oh so true with the Currituck Cartel. No doubt Haddad will fit like a glove, as the cartel much enjoys the soothing feeling of smoke being blown up their "you know what"! You are much better off in moving on with you life. You lost nothing in parting ways and did so with a clear conscience. That makes you the winner!

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