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Gilbert disputes relationship is campaign issue

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — A Virginia Beach woman recently sent e-mails to Currituck Commissioners stating a board member’s extramarital affair should disqualify her from office.

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Shame on Butch Petrey

Shame on Butch Petrey for using something that has NOTHING to do with Ms. Gilberts ability to serve on the Board of Commissioners. Sounds like he's throwing dirt to make himself look better for his re-election campaign. What little respect I had for Butch is gone!! And to top that, Butch is not running against Ms. Gilbert, so sounds like Butch has some sour grapes.

Marion Gilbert has been a respectful and responsive Commissioner

I have great respect for Marion Gilbert. She has been responsive and polite to inquiries which is much more than I can say for Butch Petrey. Hey Butch how would you like to have your personal demons exposed to the press? I didn't think so. Instead of pandering to Moyock for your vote you should have been a representative to the people of district 3. That's right the district which you are supposed to represent. Moyock is not your district. What have you done for your district?

Please tell me, Ms. Koenig

An extramarital affair is a sin in God's eyes, but nevertheless, we can seek forgiveness from Him. A pastor long ago posed the question to a busy-body lady in his congregation after she complained to him of another lady's intense odor from heavy smoking. He ask her,"If all sins stunk, what would you smell like?". The private life of Ms. Gilbert is exactly that-PRIVATE! While I personally don't condone such things, I seriously doubt that an act such as Koenig purported to have occurred would compromise Ms. Gilbert's ability to serve as a county commissioner. Apparently, Koenig has some personal axe to grind with Ms. Gilbert. Perhaps the other participant in this purported affair rejected the advances of Ms. Koenig and she's mad with both of them. How about them apples, Ms. Koenig? Doesn't feel real good to have your name dragged through the mud does it?

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