Hunt club donates 1,535 acres for habitat preservation

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CURRITUCK — More than 1,535 acres of marsh islands and other prime waterfowl habitat in Currituck Sound has been donated as a conservation easement to the Coastal Land Trust for habitat preservation.

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Paul Harvey

NO, all that donating this land has done.....has created tax breaks and incentives for the landowners. Hollan and the rest of the Currituck Shooting Club members could care less about preserving waterfowl habitat....however they do care about padding their pockets. After selling 3 miles of oceanfront property followed by the selling of 3 miles of soundfront "waterfowl habitat" property, all they had left was the marsh and a 12 acre piece of land that the original club sat on. So what do they do.....subdivide the 12 acre piece of land and sell lots.....leaving the marsh as the final asset. They have milked this inherited piece of land for all its worth and this is the final ounce they can get out of it. Its their land and they can do what they want to with but to write an article glorifying what they have done and stamping the word "preservation" on it is pretty ignorant to me. The marsh is going to be there and will be habitat whether they donate it or not....its not like people are going to build houses on it or something. And the only thing less hunting pressure will do to that piece of marsh will reduce the number of ducks wintering in it. If people think that many ducks just "naturally" used the Currituck Club marsh, they are sadly mistaken. The marshes are "taken care of".....I'll leave it at that and I'll guarantee you that the number of ducks using the marsh will not increase with less hunting pressure...Period! So how the conservation easement will "enhance the habitat of waterfowl" is a crock to me. Sure there will be some ducks that still use the marsh....but the bigger numbers will move on to hunt clubs that "take care of" their marsh and impoundments. Get a clue people, thats the Paul Harvey on this article... The Currituck Shooting Club's final owners and their track record speaks for itself.

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