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Just like traffic, bridge is stuck

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — The Mid-Currituck Bridge is like a beach-bound vacationer stuck in traffic for hours. Both don’t know when they will start moving again.

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Why Not Build NCDOT STIP R-4457?

The backups experienced on the Saturday changeover would be greatly improved if Division 1 along with Currituck and Dare Counties would get going on building the $23 million project R-4457. This project calls for an interchange design at the NC12/US158 intersection. The interchange would keep traffic moving on US158 Bypass without having to stop in BOTH directions for traffic traveling on/off NC12. The traffic signal would be removed! Another project calls for an 8-lane superstreet design east of the Wright Memorial Bridge which would have local access lanes for the shopping centers and separating that traffic from the traffic continuing on east US158. It just makes way to much sense! The cost is a drop in the bucket compared to the $639 million + for a 2 lane, 1 lane each direction, at $30 a pop to cross and that is only possible if the State provides a $28 million/year for 40-50 YEARS subsidy!! That's $1.4 BILLION IN STATE SUBSIDIES NEEDED TO KEEP THE TOLLS AT $30 EACH WAY!

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