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Shelter donation continues tiff

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — A $500 donation briefly offered but not accepted this week by the Currituck Animal Shelter’s new operator was either a peace offering or a political stunt with strings attached, depending on whom one asks.

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The passing of the check would have been a symbol of good will on both parties part, enough already!

Straight Facts

Perhaps you might want to get your facts straight fishwife. There are emails to prove exactly what transpired, ,,,for three minutes any citizen in the county can get up and do whatever they want. What was said by the county manager and not the commissioners by the way, was that it was not an agenda item. Period, the end. The offer of the 500 dollars was flatly refused at first and there were demands for other items that belonged to the other non-profit. Also, there are emails that prove all of the above. I believe the intent was to try and heal a rift and do what was in the best interest of the animals. Research and get your facts straight please. Perhaps it is better and more lucrative to vilify someone than to attempt to work together. I believe it is in the best interests of the animals, both non profits, and certainly the tax payers in this county to work together for the animals and put all of the egos aside.

How was The Daily Advance

How was The Daily Advance made aware of this in the first place? Why? Vilification? Why was Mrs Hall involved at all? Mrs Sikes could have delivered the money or dropped it in the mail. What the county manager said was that it was not county business and wouldn't be appropriate to be done during a commissioners meeting. Period. End of story. I will say it again, if Mrs Hall was so concerned for the animals she would have made sure that the money was given to the Currituck SPCA whether it was hand delivered or by mail. Mrs. Belcher did not refuse the money just the conditions, as it states in the article. If you are going to attempt to use facts "just a thought" you should present all of the facts and not just the ones that suit you.


Fishlady, why were there conditions to receive a monetary gift. The long and short of it is now you don't have $500 in the bank to benefit the animals. Get over yourself, stop the vilification, and accept money GRACIOUSLY!!!

Why would a non-profit Refuse $$

Why in the world would a non-profit refuse $$ under ANY circumstances is beyond me. Sounds like a continuation of childishness on the part of the new shelter Director Bev Belcher. My suggestion, take the money, say thank you and buy supplies for the shelter period. People are tired of the snipping!

Why wouldn't Denise Hall just

Why wouldn't Denise Hall just hand over the check under ANY circumstances unless it was for political gain and not FOR the animals as she claims. The Currituck SPCA welcomed the money and Mrs. Hall refused to deliver the check any other way. Even after she was told by the county that the Commissioners would not allow the exchange to happen at the CC meeting. Therefore it was impossible for them to accept the money and she returned the check anyway. Get your facts straight JHS19.

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