VFDs: Move polling sites from fire stations

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — Shiloh precinct voters casting their ballots at the Shiloh Volunteer Fire Station next month shouldn’t get too attached to the new voting site.

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Pasquotank uses schools and

provides deputies for the schools that do not have resource officers. The voting areas are positioned in the school to create the least disturbance. In our counties funds are limited in renting spaces and there are not many locations that qualify, other than churches, for the parking requirements and suitability. Frankly I think voting at a school is an ideal way to introduce out students to the voting process, they get to see it in action. If there was an incident at a polling place I think you would find out how resourceful our election personnel are. Pasquotank has dealt with a fire and a bomb threat forcing our workers to move the voting equipment into the parking lot, one in the rain and the other at night where flashlights were used to vote. I'm sure that if these concerns were posed to the Board they could provide a contingency plan for any emergency. Betsy Meads

One emergency is one too many with children

There may be an officer at each polling place however, hundreds of people come and go throughout the day. One emergency is one too many when dealing with children's safety; contingency plan or not. The voting areas are either located in the Library or the gymnasium which will be off limits to the students for that day. It also affects the parking lots which affects the entering and leaving the schools. There are plenty of churches and other public venues in the community to hold the polling stations.

While youre at it, move it away from schools also!

There shouldnt be any polling sites at school either. They still do it in local counties. It interrupts the regular education process and interferes with learning. Strangers walking into the school without background checks or checking into the office. Who knows who will come in and out? It creates an unsafe environment for the students.

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