Whalehead Trust urged to up ticket sales fivefold

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — Increasing ticket sales is the best way to make the Whalehead Club more profitable, say consultants hired to give advice on how to make the historic site in Corolla more self-sustaining.

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How much money did we waste?

How much money did our county officials waste paying these consultants to tell us we need to rename a historic landmark? The next thing they will be telling us is that we need to rename the county because Currituck is too hard to say and too hard to spell.

how much

No where in the article is the current charge for entering the club house. From the article: "Advertising should focus on the upscale, professional women, who make about 70 percent of the vacation choices." The upscale women??? Are we talking kitchen sinks and countertops or people?

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