Budget, 13-cent tax hike approved


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The Pasquotank Board of Commissioners adopted next year’s county’s budget Monday night, putting into effect a $39.8 million spending plan that raises the county’s property tax rate by 13 cents.

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It's interesting to note that

Commissioner Sterritt was absent from the meeting and vote Monday night, but then Commissioner Sterritt is always absent.

Growing pains

Dixon has a very valid point about emergency equipment costs. I, like others, hate to see county taxes increase, but I think investing in updated emergency equipment and services(personnel) is just part of the growing pains that any county experiences. I personally, would like to see full time fire and EMT personnel stationed at some, if not all, of the various fire departments north and south of EC. Satellite offices for the Sheriff's Dept. would not be out of the question either. They could use existing fire station facilities for that purpose. To those naysayers: How would you like for the fire truck to break down on it's way to the call if your house was on fire?

Enjoy your perceived additional protection,

along with your tax increase, and increase in unemployment, due mainly to less business expansion, as well as current businesses moving to areas whose government provides a more business friendly climate. You'll then be able to agonize along with Pasquotank commissioners when that occurs. It won't take long because business and developers are right on top of any government action which effects their bottom line.


I said NOTHING about additional protection. My comments were limited to encouraging the county to assure that a level of quality in having proper equipment and in having enough personnel to respond to emergencies in a timely fashion. My suggestion about satellite stations for the Sheriff's Dept. has NOTHING to do with "protection". It has everything to do with cutting down on mileage and wear and tear on emergency and patrol vehicles and quicker response time to calls in the extreme north and south areas of this county. If my memory serves me correctly, you live on Main St. Ext.. The response time for EMT and Fire depts. is measured in 10 minutes or less. Those living in the northern and southern ends of the county can wait for as much as 30 minutes or more for emergency response to arrive. The county funds these services through the tax base. THEIR taxes are the same as yours, yet, at present, their emergency service is decidedly diminished for them due to distance. I ask you, "Is this fair"? Better yet, I ask you, "Is this fair taxation"? Perhaps tax rates should be tiered according to the distance and level of county services available at any given time. Insurance companies base your home insurance rates on the distance you live from a fire hydrant and/or from a fire station. Why shouldn't the county do the same? PS- it's not "effects", it's "affects".

Greg Ferrebee.

My apologies if I misspelled your name. It's more difficult than freespeaker. Thanks for the lecture on your opinion of fair taxation, as well the spelling lesson. Maybe you should present your opinion to Pasquotank County commissioners for their review? I'm well aware of the size and shape of this county and the time it takes to get from Glen Cove to the Gates County line. If your memory serves you right, you would know that I ran for county commissioner at large a few years back and spent a lot of time going door to door in the entire county. While you're at the commissioner meeting you might ask Commissioner Joe Winslow, who you supported in the last election, why he voted to increase taxes. It sounds like you share in his agony. Ask him and the other commissioners how employment, new construction and economic development is going in Pasquotank while you are there.

For the record

Yes, you did misspell THAT name. It is NOT, however, my name. You may continue to think that it is if it makes you feel all warm & fuzzy. Perhaps his ideals and mine are somewhat alike and this offends you and you are subconsciously confronting me instead of manning up face to face with him. I don't really mind or care. Over the years, I've been called much worse names than that. That aside, I think it would behoove you to contact this "Greg Ferebee" fellow and apologize for dragging his name into the mix.

Nice try Gregg, but it won't work.

If you could support you opinion with fact you might be able to drop the anonymity of your pen name. But that's not how you operate.

Change Needed

to this board. We need more commissioners like Frankie Meads that care about the taxpayer. The policy of our BOE needs to change from always seeking to increase our budget to "how can we save the taxpayer money?"

Is Frankie Meads the only commissioner with

any sense? It appears that way. I don't often agree with Johnny Walton, but he's correct in that this budget along with Elizabeth City's will drive business and people away from Pasquotank County. I guess the commissioners will be able to agonize some more when that occurs.

Frankie Meads

is worth his weight in gold and more. I will never, never understand why politicians can't embrace the concept of reducing costs as opposed to increasing taxes. This is one of the great mysteries of the universe!

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