Aaron Jordan (right), a student at College of The Albemarle’s Learning Center, gets help with a vocabulary assignment from Sue Weimar, an instructional aide at the center, Tuesday.
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Aaron Jordan (right), a student at College of The Albemarle’s Learning Center, gets help with a vocabulary assignment from Sue Weimar, an instructional aide at the center, Tuesday.

COA to close satellite facility

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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College of The Albemarle plans to shut down by July a satellite education center in Elizabeth City that currently serves some 60 adults who either lack basic education skills or have intellectual disabilities.

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Sad Day

Everyone in this area knows at least one person that is mentally challenged.. This program was geared to help them become acclimated to educational tasks we take for granted . As someone who has a family member who is mentally challenged and enrolled in this program, which helps with not only educational skills but social skills. It is a sad day when we as a community or a country turn our backs on those individuals who don't have a voice but who have a will to learn. Shame On You COA shame on you.. Let me guess where the funding is going to Aviation! Right last time I checked there is no major airport or major aeronautical firm in this area enough already..training people to leave the area "Smart Idea" huh! Enough already!!

The article indicates that most of these students

require a mentor, an additional adult on location to look out for their needs in addition to the instructors. Certainly they would be better served in a skilled workshop situation vs. a college outreach program.


What political party was running our government in 2009? I can only guess since this information was left out, it had to be the democrats. Liberal media would be all over our current administration for this very action, deservedly so, Front page news. I am so tired of the double standard. Something needs to be done, enough is enough. Everyone that reports the news as journalist that slant their reporting in a biased way should be fired immediately. Lets demand a change for a better America, or our way of life maybe in jeopardy.

cuts deeper than finances

This new program will only have 20 slots for the 60 students that attend that have intellectual disabilities. This means that students with intellectual disabilities will now have to compete for a slot. Their competition will be having to take another test, get an acceptable score, have a letter of intent and references. How was this VERY IMPORTANT information left out of this article??? I can understand budget cuts, but when it comes to those of our community that are born disadvantaged, we should not cut them like this. It's time for our community leaders and COA staff to step up here and figure out a way to keep these 60 students in this program they rely so much on. These cuts not only hurt the students, but their families too - families who have sacrificed soooo much to help them.

State Cuts

Didn't the article say the "State" cut the funding for this program, not the College.

Cost effective solution

Ending traditions and making change can be disconcerting but the benefits outweigh the costs in this case. The main campus is a short distance away and will allow access to more resources, support, and facilitate transitioning to college level programs. It willl lessen the divide between pre-college learners and the campus. Money will be saved not maintaining a separate facility. Now with the addition of COA staff at main campus, this would be an excellent opportunity to return the ECSU employee or employees back to a work site on the campus of their employer ECSU where they are subject to supervision by Dr. Becton's designees.

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