Council: No golf carts on streets


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Citing dangers to public safety and little public support, a majority of City Council rejected a measure this week that would have allowed Elizabeth City residents to drive golf carts on some city streets.

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Medical electric scooters as well

Medical electric scooters need to get off the road as well. Especialy when sidewalks are available, as in about 90% percent of the city.

Good Choice

Now get the mopeds off the streets. They are dangerous! As for low cost transportation, let us be honest here. A lot of those on mopeds lost their driving privileges due to DUI's. They are rude, cut drivers off and certainly do not stay in areas of 35 or below speed zones. They zip in and out if traffic and are a danger to drivers.

I totally support your

I totally support your comment. I believe your point about the use of mopeds when regular driver privileges have been revoked is well taken. I know for a fact that it is true. If we can get a law that would require all moped operators to have, not only a valid driving license, but vehicle insurance, plus the same safety equipment that automobiles are required to have; we would bring more safety to our streets. But laws and regulations are useless unless they are enforced! From what I have observed, speed limits are not too well enforced in our city.

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