Council OKs hiring attorney for Peel probe


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City Council will hold a special meeting Thursday on its investigation into Elizabeth City Mayor Joe Peel and City Manager Rich Olson — three days after councilors voted to hire a Wilmington-based attorney to lead the inquiry.

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What a joke.

I'm so glad to see the Council Clowns are finding new ways to waste taxpayer's dollars in this environment of very limited revenue, lack of meaningful, decent paying jobs and an economy in the doldrums at best. What an egregious waste of effort and revenue.


Councilmen King & Horton - the "new kids on the block" - could completely reinvent E.C. politics by using Thursday's special Meeting to argue for the dismissal of this investigation. Any right thinking adult must be disturbed by the NAACP raising such pointless accusations. No one can think this situation rises to the level of requiring a paid independent investigator. With a MINIMUM price tag of $4500.00 (thank-you Councilman Stimatz for inserting that initial limit). Unfortunately, our City Manger & Mayor had no choice but to welcome any investigation, so as to clear their good names. Thus, sides are drawn, and we waste our Representatives' & City Staff's time, our taxpayer's dollars, and our City's reputation. King & Horton have a chance to change the dynamics of City Council forever by speaking up to shut down this investigation. And maybe ask that the NAACP, and City Council dedicate this time and money towards helping make the Herrington Road shelter work. I know, wishful thinking...Bill Hiemer

Inmates are running the asylum

When an attorney is hired, which will cost the city more than the amount the investigation is concentrating on, ("At Stimatz’s recommendation, council also instructed Morgan to report back to the city when Blanchard had worked 30 hours on the probe and accrued a bill of $4,500. After then, Stimatz said council can discuss Blanchard’s findings and whether to continue the investigation.") the idiots have won, and the inmates are running the asylum.


If nothing illegal is found, then those voting for probe should pay cost!

Not just pay cost

Those involved should also write an apology to our Mayor and City Manager and make it the headline story in TDA. (I'm not holding my breath.)

Why is the NAACP dictating

Why is the NAACP dictating council actions?

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