Council rejects STEM education resolution


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City Council rejected a resolution of support for a planned STEM curriculum in the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools on Tuesday, with the majority of council arguing the city has no role in education and one councilor suggesting a long battle over a STEM-based charter school clouded the issue.

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King said,

the council doesn’t “control the purse strings or have administrative oversight” of education. So he voted a simple resolution. Yet, he ran to Raleigh to join the black caucus over the ECSU review of closure. Hmmmm. Does Council control the purse strings or have administrative oversight of education at ECSU? Horton, same hypocracy. I will wait to see how the rest of them reconcile their opinions about Council's involvement in, "education".

Before you push Council to vote yes...

you better get the Board of Education on board. Good luck! Remember all the stink the Board of Education made about Peel and the Board of Commissioners working for a STEM high school. Maybe they are looking to graduate students from 9th grade now. That is the only way a STEM middle school with no high school could make sense.


The Board of Education IS on board with the STEM program. Please read Mr. Barry Overman's comment in the article.

Why did his board

give the BOC a fit over noxious Golden Leaf money to build the high school. What am I not seeing.

Please re-read

The final two paragraphs.

What, Ms Hummer?

Oh, so now we, the public, your constituents, are too a) stupid, b) confused, c) uninformed, d) ignorant e) all of the above, for you to support a measure to endorse a STEM school at the high school level, despite the fact that this subject has been discussed and proposed by our Mayor for over a year?


AVNRULZ- Agree again (see River Road article) with your post. If you have not already, please send Ms. Hummer an email. She needs to hear from all of us who disagree with her comments & lack of support for STEM programs in our public schools. Ms. Hummer's (and all members of Council) email is on the City's excellent website. Her vote KOd this resolution. Thanks, again! Bill Hiemer

See my comment

See my comment under the STEM curriculum article.

No vision

Darius Horton, Montravias King, Kem Spence, Anita Hummer and Michael Brooks have effectively proven that they have no vision nor interest in the populace of this area progressing and keeping pace with other areas. It's a shame that such narrow-minded individuals are in a position to hinder instead of helping this area. I DO Agree that city council has no role in education, and it's apparent that these five dissenters are severely lacking in it. My advice to the school board is to disregard the outcome of the city council vote and press forward with your efforts to firmly support and establish this much needed program. My thanks to the mayor and the three city council members with wisdom and vision enough to support the resolution!

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