Councilman says homelessness still an issue


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Elizabeth City needs to again consider opening a city-funded homeless shelter, 4th Ward City Councilor Darius Horton said Monday.

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City Responsibility??

Operating a shelter seems like something his church and possibly another church could take on as an outreach mission. Maybe some other "civic or social" organization will step forward if it is needed. The city has already exceeded its mandatory obligations and needs to be reeled in - looking for grants with one hand and giving money away with the other hand.

Pardon me, but

Outside of a natural disaster, becoming homeless is NOT something that happens overnight. Additionally, the lack of "good" paying jobs is NOT a valid reason people become homeless either. No doubt, there are a precious few that a victims of unfortunate circumstances, but my experience with the majority of homeless people, it is a choice rather than hard luck. Examples are: They can find money for alcohol and tobacco products, but not for food. I've lost count of the number of times I've stopped and offered to take a homeless person down the street to buy them a meal or warm clothing, only to have them decline the offer and be asked for cold hard cash instead. More than once, in telling them that I'd buy them a meal but no cash, have I've received a sound cursing out for refusing them to give them cash. This cursing out extends to even the few that I've offered short term employment of odd jobs. I've even had one tell me that he could make more money in a single day of panhandling than I offered for a week of labor. So, Mr Horton, I'm not buying your sob story about the "longtime" 4th Ward resident. There are too many alternatives and options available out there, both short and long term, that can and will prevent a person from becoming homeless, especially "suddenly". Horton's plea sounds more like a good old boy political vote getter and/or a bailout at the taxpayers expense for a family friend than anything else. It would be interesting to, as Paul Harvey used to say, "hear the rest of the story"!

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