Court: Brooks never appealed

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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More than a year after being granted a 30-day extension to file an appeal of his communicating threats conviction, Elizabeth City City Councilman Michael Brooks still has not done so, a state court official said this week.

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IF Mr. Brooks happens to own a dictionary he might look up the definitions of Verdict and opinion.

How long?

How long is this stupid issue with Brooks going to be allowed to continue? There has been absolutely nothing productive to come from city council since he has been seated there. He is nothing but mouth, and just like his ethnic organization behind him, seeks his and their ways, through intimidation. So what if they file suit? It can't cost the city any more than what's been wasted already! Why can't someone grow some "nads", censure the idiot, have him removed, and let the city council start to move forward and serve the citizens of EC?

So his guilty verdict at

So his guilty verdict at court was just an "opinion?" His claim that he filed an appeal is just another example of a system screwup and is not his fault? Lord! This guy is just a perpetual screwup! Nonstop! Will the citizens allow him to continue with his drama for the full length of his term? Surely even his blindest supporters are beginning to get the message that his is a disturbed and very troubled man.

If this is an example of how

If this is an example of how our court system works, it's no wonder that all the convicted criminals wander our streets. Who follows up on court decisions/verdicts to ensure that convicted criminals like Mr. Brooks serve their sentences?

14 months to find this out?

Isn't someone supposed to follow the progress on these issues? There must be a paper trail somewhere that can be provided? Is it the Court's job to follow up on sentencing or the DA's?

Regardless, I would hope the DA's office tracks appeals and follows up to ensure proper action is taken in every case. If not why not? If they do then how/why did this one slip through?

How hard it must have been to wait in limbo all these months without resolution. Let us hope that this type of confusion will be rectified in the future. As a colleague who often quotes MLK would say, "Justice delayed is justice denied."

An opinion? Brooks obviously

An opinion? Brooks obviously has major mental issues. I'm sure there are a lot of inmates who wish that the "opinion" of the courts were different. Hopefully the DA and Judge Cole will soon serve up justice accordingly. Mr. King and Mr. Horton, I hope you realize what you are getting yourself into with Mr. Brooks, I really hope so.

To be sure not!!!

I guess now, Brooks views Judge Cole a racist. I know for fact that is not now or ever been true. However, that being said, throw the bum in jail for the 45 days as you would any other common criminal. And when he gets out, impose the probation for being stupid. Then and only then will we see Brooks' true "color". After that, I don't believe he will need anger management but a taste of humble pie.

Brooks again

And the opinion of the court is "guilty". He seems to think he can rewrite the intent of laws as well as bully others to do what he wants done. Brooks has a serious problem. I hope Judge Cole reads this story and takes care of business. Brooks needs anger management and a mental health evaluation. In my opinion, he believes what he says but that is the problem, he doesn't see things through rational eyes. The courts verdict is what he has to live with no matter what he erroneously thinks. It is time to enforce his sentence.

This should be TDA's Today's

This should be TDA's Today's Poll question: who do you believe, Brooks or Deputy Appeals Court Clerk Carol Braxton? I vote for the Appeals Court version of this story.

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