Former Elizabeth City City Councilor Johnnie Walton addresses City Council during a council meeting, Monday.

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

Former Elizabeth City City Councilor Johnnie Walton addresses City Council during a council meeting, Monday.

Debate rages over Olson firing attempt


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Sparks from last month’s controversial attempt to fire Elizabeth City City Manager Rich Olson flared up in city council chambers Monday night, as Mayor Joe Peel and City Councilor Montravias King doubled down on their cases for and against the manager.

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Montravias King seems to have his own racial agenda

Montravias King seems to have his own racial agenda. Then again, it seems by the voting that it was more than just him. Montravias should not even be on the council anyway. Has he ever paid any city taxes while living at ECSU?


I hope Councilman King will quickly learn and understand that the City Manager takes no action without Council direction. That is why it is called a Council - Manager form of government.

It is more telling that previous and current black members of council didn't think this was an important enough issue to discuss in any venue including election forums or our recent retreat before the firing meeting. Suddenly it is part of the rational to fire the manager.

Remember, when we act in haste we get to repent in leisure.

Horton stirring racial tensions

I for one do not believe Mr.Horton's accusation on what a lady supposedly said to him.If she did say that then why didn't you have her arrested for making a racial threat...C'mon city council do what your suppose to do.Stop the in fighting and do whats best for elizabeth city.

It's a live reality show

Moe Brooks, Larry Horton, and Curly King are all real life versions of The Three Stooges. The only one missing is Shemp, but Walton could fill that slot!

Recall, not Fire!

If only we could hold a recall election to settle this stupidity over personal vendettas launched against the City Manager! Unfortunately, our very own 'Nero' would never be recalled by the constituents in the Third Ward. “I find it amazing all these people came out of the woodwork but when I was fighting to get a seat on council, they were nowhere to be found,” King said, referring to his high-profile residency challenge during last year’s city election." Apparently, Mr. King, they are suffering an early case of 'buyer's remorse.'

New RULES Take Effect When?

This article states that Councilors Horton and Brooks CHIDED speakers who came before them to defend Olsen. Are Horton and Brooks trying to send a message to citizens that if they come before council and say anything that is in disagreement with Horton and Brooks that they will publicly CHIDE them? Is this a form of intimidation by Horton and Brooks to discourage citizens from coming come before council? Last I knew citizens had a right to go before representatives and express their likes, concerns or make complaints without feeling intimidated by the elected representatives. It appears Horton and Brooks tried to send a message Monday night that there are new RULES in town. If you plan to come before council be very careful to ONLY say things Horton and Brooks can agree with or they will try to publicly humiliate you by CHIDING you for your comments and THEN they decide how long you must sit and endure their nonsense before you are allowed to leave without being criticized for leaving. If you speak you must sit there for ??? how long?

It is interesting to see Mr.

It is interesting to see Mr. King say and do the things he is doing after only a few months on council. In the manner in which he said them, all employees should be aware of his presence. But I'm thinking about his future. When Mr. King goes out in the job market. Who would want to hire him? A person that will make waves, a person who will be confrontational to anyone who he thinks may be wronged. With this being public record, I'm hope any future employers will see this. I know I wouldn't hire him after what he has done. How long will this us versus them go own. I actually thought that Mr. King might be a good councilman and do what was best for the city. I was sure fooled,

Amen to that brother!

Very well stated! As the old saying goes,"All that glitters isn't gold".

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