Dorsey Harris, a local representative of the North Carolina Association of Educators, speaks during the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education meeting on Monday.

Corinne Saunders/The Daily Advance

Dorsey Harris, a local representative of the North Carolina Association of Educators, speaks during the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education meeting on Monday.

EC-Pasquotank school board joins voucher suit

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education on Monday became the 43rd school board in North Carolina to join a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a state plan to spend taxpayer funding on private education.

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Taxpayer Should Decide

where their money goes. Competition is good and this should apply to the public school system monopoly. Our state has given a voucher to college children going to a private school for decades. Why is this different?

to freespeaker

If taxpayer money is going to be used for charter and private schools then I, as a taxpayer, expect total transparency. Charter and private schools are not held to the same accountability standards as traditional public schools. I want to be able to click a link and go see the data of any and all charter and private schools in the same way I can go to DPI and see the data on traditional public schools. I also expect if taxpayer money is going to fund the tuition for these schools they should have to follow the guidelines of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top. Only then can a true comparison be made between traditional public schools and charter and private schools.

To: educators

The transparency is already there! Anyone with half a brain sees that traditional(public)schools are a complete and utter failure in their own right. Public education standards have been "dumbed down" for a certain ethnic minority that it now makes all charter, private, and home schooled students look like young geniuses and Einsteins. No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top are right up there with Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" Bill of the 60's. The only thing these programs have have created is trifling and lazy people growing up expecting everything to be given to them with no work required on their part to be worthy of it. Your comment does not provide any valid argument against charter and private schools.

You are right!

Yeah, why not, even though most taxpayers are not paying $4200 out of their tax bill to the education budget. And we the taxpayers are already providing a school for their children with the public system. Private doesn't mean better; it means the taxpayers are not paying for it. I mean, your tax go to a whole lot of items: roads, police, etc.. Anyway, why not give them $4200. While you are at it, I don't have any children in school, so why not give me a $4200 credit on my taxes! That's only fair too.

Please explain something

Aren't parents who want to send their children to private schools taxpayers too? So their tax money is provided to the state to fund a public school system that they don't participate in. So why aren't they deserving of a $4,200 voucher to help defray private school costs? Sounds like a one way street to me. Those who want a better education for their children than the public school system can provide are certainly entitled to their fair share too!

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