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EC-Pasquotank to seek $3.4M fed job skills grant

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools has tentatively agreed to seek a $3.4 million federal grant to develop a program focused on teaching students skills for jobs for which there is high demand but currently little preparation in high school.

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Youth CareerConnect Grant Program

Youth CareerConnect Grant Program QUESTIONS and ANSWERS

Youth CareerConnect Grant Program

"The deadline for applications is January 27, 2014! You can find information about the Youth CareerConnect grant program and how to apply at" RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "The Department of Labor will use up to $100 million in revenues from the H-1B visa program to fund approximately 25 to 40 grants for individual or multi-site projects. Grants will be awarded to local education agencies, public or non-profit local workforce entities, or non-profits with education reform experience. All grantees will have to demonstrate a strong public/private partnership, and must include, at a minimum, a local education agency, a local workforce investment system entity, an employer, and an institution of higher education. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to employers, foundations, and others in building their applications and leveraging the federal investment. At a minimum, applicants will also be required to provide a match of 25 percent of the grant award. Awards are anticipated to be made in early 2014 for program implementation to align with the 2014-15 school year."

River City??

This program sounded sounded good until I saw River City's hand in the pot. Why not use private industry?

River City??

This program sounded sounded good until I saw River City's hand in the pot. Why not use private industry?

Sounds good, but

Got the wrong people heading it up. We don't need River City hands on this project. Why not get with people who were trying to put STEM program together. Barry watch your self on this project.

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