Effort to halt probe falters


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A City Council-ordered investigation of Mayor Joe Peel and City Manager Rich Olson’s activities pursuing a charter school should begin soon, following council’s second failed effort in less than two weeks to call it off.

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Ding Dong

School is still on riverside is it not? Seems that it has moved to City Hall. How can, Mr. Horton, you make a motion and then vote against it? This council is sooooo stupid. And just when we thought it could get not worse; it just did!


It's time our citizens get out and support our Mayor and city manager. It's also time for the NAACP to stop fighting progress. By the way where is ECSU at on helping out the mayor. They should come out and support the mayor and city manager. Who was going benefit from this deal, ECSU.


Why did the 2 new members of council not support this motion? Did they not originally propose this a week or two ago? Our whole council is an embarrassment. We get what we vote for.

Waste of Money

Since the City Council is bound and determined to waste money, I have an idea, waste it on fixing the city owned STREETS. Better yet teach the street department how to fix the streets, the patches and bumps are an embarrassment, not to mention teeth jarring!!!

I couldn't think of a better

I couldn't think of a better way to waste $4,500.

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