Mayor, Olson cleared by probe


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There’s no evidence Elizabeth City’s mayor or city manager acted wrongly in seeking funds for a charter school, an attorney hired by the city to look into the allegations reported Monday.

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No surprise

No surprise. What a freaking waste of time and money. I'm incredibly disappointed with those who pushed this.

The only thing this

The only thing this investigation verified is that Brooks, Horton, and King are all unfit to serve in any capacity to represent the citizens of EC. Everything these 3 stooges have done has been counterproductive to the city council making any progress.


That means that 54 families could have gotten a $50 break on their electric bill this month for what it cost to have the investigation. The constituents of those three NAACP racists should show their appreciation at the next election and send a message to Rivers.

Can we sue?

Do the citizens of E City have a case to sue Mr. brooks for wasting City money and recoup the funds? Now there's an idea!

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