Records: Staged heist suspect has history of real robberies

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Before he was indicted for what police are calling a staged robbery, an Elizabeth City man had a history of committing real robberies — including one at a local restaurant two years ago.

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No Values Without Consequences

The most disturbing thing about this article is that the suspect in question has never really been given a real consequence for his robberies. As a result he does not seem to value the sanctity of private property and potentially even life it self.

More importantly it appears that neither the previous DA nor the Judges who sentenced him twice before in Pasquotank County seemed to want to put an end to his escalating crime spree. Was his conviction in Ohio figured in to either sentence? One wonders.

It is the continued pleading out of repeat criminals that makes citizens wonder about the judicial system and frustrates the law enforcement people who catch them and then watch them virtually walk away. It wasn't until the ECPD went to the Feds with their case against a person arrested over 20 times for felonies that they got a conviction and stiff sentence. The sigh of relief was loud in the community.

Until our local judicial system makes the cost of crime too high for the criminal we will be continually subjected to the potential for repeated criminal acts against us. There is clearly something wrong in the system and any system that can be measured can be studied for improvement. I will be asking the new DA to meet with me in the new year to discuss a plan to do just that.

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