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School board stands by teachers

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank School Board on Monday unanimously agreed to oppose any charter school being established in or serving Pasquotank County, thus becoming the first Albemarle area board to make such a resolution.

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What a great day!

The fact that the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Co. School Board is standing behind all those dedicated teachers who work so hard for their students each and everyday is amazing. I have heard teachers say since those resolutions passed, that they feel as if they are valued, and that the School Board and the Administration appreciates what they do. Regardless of all the people who feel that those of us who choose to support public education are naïve and misinformed, I know that there are many good experiences that take place in our public schools. It is time that the awesome people who work in the 12 schools get a pat on the back instead of being bashed day in and day out! The teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, office personnel, maintenance workers, administrators, and everyone else who give 110% to their students despite all the hateful comments and being referred to as "the problem." To the NCAE, keep up the fight! Give the politicians who seek to dismantle public education as good as they give. Where would many of us be without an education? If you are not where you want to be in life, maybe you should have paid attention while those valuable lessons were being taught. If a group of lawmakers was threatening your passion and livelihood, would you just sit back and take it? Why should the public school employees? So I think Mr. Overman, Dr. Griffin, Mr. Krebs, Mr. Beasley, Mr. Jolly, Mr. Morgan, and Mrs. Houston deserve so much credit for supporting the education system they were elected to support! How much sense would it make for them to support a charter school that would devastate the very school system whose Board they serve on? Maybe you "haters" should take a page from Representative Steinburg's book and shadow a teacher. But just don't sit back and look, but really get involved. Create the lesson plans, handle the discipline, call parents when there is a problem, such as when a virus is running rampant and there are several kids vomiting and running a fever. Try to be the third grade teacher who has to give the Read to Achieve assessments, WITH NO HELP. I have just one question....Is every teacher and school employee incompetent? I will answer my own question....NO!

Well said fairness in media.

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Here is the real problem

demonstrated very clearly. A charter school is a PUBLIC school option. Those in administration, the "union" that claims not to be and the school boards absolutely refuse to support any options other than the status quo. This is shameful and in complete contradiction to a commitment for the best options for children. It is interesting, the education community is so offended by any discussion that schools need improvement here and argue that testing standards are unfair because there is no one-size-fits-all process for educating all children. Students personal circumstances, abilities, etc. they argue,factor in to the ability of students to test well. HOWEVER, when options are debated to provide different education opportunities for students-even those that are PUBLIC school options, like sheep to the slaughter, "educators" all line up in opposition chanting the slogans fed to them. Joe Peel committed his whole adult life to public education. It is shameful to see him characterized negatively by the education establishment because he advocated a public school option for students in a school system that performs so poorly. Mr. Overman, you have proven that what people claim to be is not necessarily what they are once in public office.

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