Teacher contracts would go to 76

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Seventy-six Elizabeth City-Pasquotank educators would be offered four-year contracts — and the $500-a-year pay raises that accompany them – under a plan that phases out teacher tenure in accordance with a state law.

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$50 per month is not worth giving up tenure!

I dont think teachers are going to give up their tenure status for a small amount of $500 per year. Jobs are hard to find with this horrible economy. So why would an experienced teacher be willing to give up their tenure for a mere $50 per month? It will be less than that after taxes. One more thing, the state of North Carolina is on a lower budget now, so where are they going to get the money to pay all those teachers the extra $500 per year. What a joke!

U put it all in the nutshell!

U put it all in the nutshell! I am a teacher with 23 years experience and I will NOT give up my tenure for a little bit of extra money that will be reduced to half after taxes and retirement are taken out. I am glad to know that some of the public is understanding what NC teachers are being put through. The demands are now crazy - and these demands are created by those that have never once taught. NC education is totally in chaos, and until citizens speak out to our government, it will get no better. Thanks for seeing how ridiculous this is!

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