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Estella "Faye" Howard protests the high electric bills her daughter, Jasmine Covington has been receiving, outside City Hall in Elizabeth City, Tuesday.

Woman protests city’s electric rates

By Reggie Ponder

The Daily Advance

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An Elizabeth City resident picketed outside City Hall Tuesday in protest of her daughter’s electric bill and what she characterized as unjustly high electric rates.

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Government Assistance Housing

Isn't Herrington Village a government subsidized apartment complex? Since her rent is so low she shouldn't be complaining about the electric bill. You can't get the government to help fund everything.

the source

Yes, the city rates are high. But before blaming the city for your daughter's finacial utility woes, you need to investigate Herrington Village. It could be that their units are old, there's not enough insulation, the windows are no good, etc. There may be a number of issues from inside the home that could be fixed in order to lower utility bills. The city does a free energy audit. This family should call the city and set up that free energy audit for the home. If the findings from the audit say everything is good, then you complain to the city. There's a process for doing these things. Find out the TRUE source of the problem - then fix it! It's what we've done in our home and it's working!

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