Council to revisit opening prayers


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An opening prayer may soon return to Elizabeth City City Council meetings, but whether that prayer can be openly sectarian is an unresolved question.

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This nation was begun in prayer and by faith.It is fitting that our community leaders-before their meetings-do the same. Congress is NOT-making any laws here to establish a official "state" religion--so the establishment clause arguement does not apply.

thank you

Darius thank you for your effort to reinstate prayer in our council meetings. It is refreshing to have a christian openly display his faith. If you need my support you know where I live and I am in the book. v/r Pete Gilbert

That is what is so great about youth....

I applaud Mr. Horton for his willingness to pursue this. We are still a nation "under God" and with many freedoms. But we are letting our freedoms be diminished by a few who are free not to pray but do not want us to pray either.


Amen, Amen, Amen Freespeaker.

Go Darius!

Bring back the prayers. If someone gets uncomfortable, they have their free agency to get up and leave. I am so sick of all the majority appeasing the few atheists and non believers!

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