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Aaron Jackson
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Aaron Jackson

6 charged with sexually abusing sister

By Peter Williams

The Perquimans Weekly

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HERTFORD — Six members of a Perquimans County family were arrested this week on felony charges of having sex with their sister over a 10-year period while she was a child.

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So sad

So sad that this was "normal" for this little girl, and that these boys lived in an environment where they knew or thought this was acceptable behavior. This brings such a black eye to Perquimans, Christianity and homeschooling as well, 99.9% of which do not act like this. This is just grievous. I pray for her, her deluded family, and for all of their forgiveness and restitution, though this little 4 y/o girl (and up) can never regain what they took from her. What a horrible, horrible, situation.


You guys can't jump off right away to start judging this family. None of you probably haven't known this about the Jacksons in the news paper of the facts you were getting out of. They are Christian soldiers and believe in the Lord strongly. They have repented for their horrible sin that was committed by them. You know people have regretted the stupid sins they did in their lives as it goes with the Jackson family. We need to pray for the entire family because they are trying to improve as servants of the lord and human beings. None of those Jacksons boys have gotten the life that they deserve. However, they all are my fellow friends and they should be treated better than this. Jeseus came here to die for the sinner that we are and the sins we will commit in the future. God is LOVE

Christian Soldiers?

You are out of your freaking mind. Defending them makes you as bad as they are.


How can you spout that crap. The only repentance the parents deserve is to rot in Hell. The boys may have a chance to survive, but the girl will never have a peaceful and happy life thanks to these low life "Christians".

yah right.

Well, this so called god and jesus did not protect the little girl who was brutalized by her family...a family she was supposed to be able to trust and feel safe with. They do not have my sympathy. Maybe the boys because they weren't raised to know any better but as for the parents, they will never be forgiven for their sins. It also makes me think you are just as sadistic as they are to say that they have repented for their sins and that we should have sympathy for them because they regret what they did. I only have sympathy for the children involved, mainly the daughter because she never asked for this. "Christian soldiers" my a**!


Everyone seems to forget the Devil is busier than ever.


I don't understand why the parents got off with just $15,000 bond. They are just as responsible as the brothers!

Parents out?

I agree, the parent's bond is very low for knowing about this behavior in the children they were responsible for, and considering they had already left the state once.


This is one sick family and I pray she never brought any friends home to be abused! No way this girl can ever be normal because of these pigs! Just sickening!

Pray for the sister

I read with disbelief of the horrible, dysfunctional family's treatment of this young lady. She needs all the prayers we can deliver. I pray she can escape the memories and somehow lead a wonderful life. Count your blessings!

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