Winfall: Repeal death penalty

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WINFALL — The town of Winfall this week became the sixth local government in the state and first in eastern North Carolina to call on the state to repeal the death penalty.

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So, now the illustrious Mayor Yates has spoken out against the death penalty. And I'm sure this carries so much political influence along with it. Perhaps he just wants to head off that particular sentence just in case a close relative comes to trial,.....or maybe himself.

Death Penalty

a tool for the DA to seek confessions and plea bargains against criminals. Don't throw this away!


Typical for someone of Fred Yates reputation. He is and always has been a very uneducated person on the issues facing the community. Two wrongs don't make a right....... til its at YOUR doorstep.

To repeal is wrong!

Sure there may be issues in how the death sentence is implemented but to repeal is wrong. The penal system as a whole needs to be revamped. When a person is "caught in the act" of committing a death warranted act, then they should not be given the luxury of being called an "alledged suspect" and given the opportunity to manipulate the system for decades. They should be tried, convicted and summarily executed. Others, where evidence is mottled or ambiguous, then constraints must be used. Again to repeal is wrong. To take away a reciprocating penalty for your actions will only embolden the culprits. If it is known a slap on the wrist is the worst penalty given for a heinous crime, will not deter. "Eye for an eye" justice seems to work very well in other parts of this world.

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