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"A Day of Rest" Lloyd Griffin

2013 Photography Show and Competition

By Robert Kelly - Goss

The Daily Advance

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The annual Arts of the Albemarle Photography Show and Competition announced the top three prizes last week along with 10 honorable mentions. East Carolina University photography professor Angela Frank Wells was this year’s juror.

The top prize went to Dan Trevors, a member of the Albemarle Photography Club. Trevor’s photo, “Man in Cemetery,” was shot the Hampton National Cemetery in Virginia.

Trevors says the photo club had agreed to shoot photos in cemeteries. He had gone there to shoot headstones when, on his way back to his car, he saw a man placing roses on a grave.

“He walked hunched over to a headstone and placed the flowers at the foot of the grave,” stated Trevors in an email to The Daily Advance. “He then bent over and placed his hands on the grave for an extended period, obviously in deep prayer.”

Trevor quietly took the photo and went on his way.

So here are the winners of this year’s competition. Wells offers comments on the top three winning photographs.